Lingering Thought

Walking around the town in early morning in after a desperate night, you find the strangest places. Their dwellers can show you things that you though impossible. You just have to have an open mind.


1. Lost

Coming to this place was the last thing I thought I would ever be doing. But I was still here, in front of this house.There was only a trace of early morning light when I put my foot on the first porch step.

"What am I doing?" I asked myself, expecting ridicule and a need to go home.

There was none.

I went through the rest of the steps and stopped while looking at the well preserved ancient looking wooden door. The rest of the house appeared old as well; you couldn't see any other place for the pine trees.

I saw my reflection in the glass part of the door. I remembered sitting in with colleagues for a drink or two (or five) after work. The discussions ranged from pointless to boring to condescending. I didn't mind it since I could use the alcohol, and drinking alone would be worse.

Most of the others had wives, some even children. They were still here with us, so that said something about that. I never married, well, not yet. Still waiting for the One. The One that would not make me miserable or otherwise hurt me, to be precise.

That night something bothered my mind more than the others. And I felt depressed, even the alcohol levels didn't help out. I might've even cried, I don't remember. Last subject was the Chinese pyramids; I just stood up and walked away without saying anything.

Picked up some more booze at the liquor store and went to roam the city. I didn't open the bottle, but it felt reassuring to have it. I took time to feel the city, notice the details, and just went on with good old fashion thinking. About life, love and happiness. Without noticing I ended up at this old house.

Few months ago while in the same bar, on a similar night, a colleague told a story of a fortune teller. She was apparently much respected in these circles, she foretold persons future or would hold séances to talk to their deceased. The guy was convinced that she was real, arguing that the newspaper mentioned she was tested by several skeptics; non were able to prove she was a fake. What was most fascinating to him was that she was right there in our neighborhood.

This was the place, no doubt about it. Even an old leaflet was on the ground, and I picked it up. There was a picture of an elderly woman with the heading: "Madam MacGregor - fortune teller, seeker of lost and medium to the other side".

I laughed, and looked at the door one more time.

"What the hell..." I thought, and I knocked.

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