Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


10. You need a ride, babe ?

The next day I woke up with a smile on my face. It wasn’t because I woke up by the sound of the most beautiful voice in the world. No it wasn’t Harry’s voice all though she is amazing too. But it was the voice of Ed Sheeran.


I was because I had the most amazing day in my entire life. So after the kiss we finished watching the notebook. I helped Harry with his English and we cuddled and kissed a bit more. Then I needed to go for some more scans. Around 7 o’clock we could go home. We stopped by mcdo and eat it while we watched a beautiful sunset.

I jumped out of my bed took a quick shower. I put on a skinny jeans and a tank top from 5SOS. I ran down the stairs took an apple and ran outside. I saw the bus leaving, I tried to stop him but he didn’t saw me. So now I need to go by food. What a great start of the day. That’s what you have with all that daydreaming about a boy.


I walked down the street kicking a rock when a car slowed down next to me. The window went down and It revealed the guy who has the most beautiful eyes of the entire world.


“ You need a ride, babe”

“ That would be great.”


I get in the care.


“ You look beautiful today.”


My heart fluttered in my chest. I feel my cheeks turning red. He put a peace of hear behind my ear a couple second later our lips med in a passionate kiss.


“ We need to go Harry. ”

“ Yeah , you’re right.”


He starts the car again. He put his hand on my leg and start to make slow circles with his thump. God ! This is one of my soft spots.


“ When do you know the results of the scans ?”

“ Doctor Carter will call me today or tomorrow.”

“ That’s great, I hope it’s better news than last time.”

“ Yeah , me too.”

“ Call me or come to me when you know something more, okay ?”

“ Yeah, of course !”


We arrived at school before we got out of the car Harry gave me a quick peck on the lips. After that we both went our own way. I saw him a couple of times down the corridors but that was it.



 When school was over I walked home and did my homework. Around 8 o’clock I was ready. I started reading ‘The moral instruments :City of bones’  for the sixed time.


My phone ringed:


“ Hello with Ellie.”

“Hello Ellie, you’re speaking with doctor Carter.”

“Hi, you’re calling for the tests I think ?”

“ Yes, we found something and we want to do some more test.”


I got a lump in my throat when I heard his words. I felt a tear streaming down my cheek. I breathed in and out to calm myself down.


“ When do I need to come ?”

“ We want you to stay a night this time, so Friday would be perfect.”


Even more tears were running down my face. I need to stay a night ?


“ Okay, I will be there.”

“ You need to be there at 5 o’clock.”

“ Okay, bye doctor.”

“ Bye Ellie”


I felt in my bed and just cried, cried and cried even more. It was almost 9 o’clock when I finally stopped crying. I needed to take a walk, some air would be good. I took my jacket and yelled at my mom I gone take a walk. I walked out of the door. I hear her yelling I needed to be home before 11.


I just was stumbling down the streets. For some reason I ended at Harry’s door. I ringed the bell. He opened the door, when he saw me and my bloodshot eyes . He wrapped his arms around me and I started crying again. He was whispering sweet words in my ears that only make me cry even more.


He took me up bridal style and carried me to his room and laid me gentle on his bed.


“ Ellie, What did he told you ?”

“ I-I- I need to do more tests. But this time they want me to stay a night in the hospital.”


He is just as shocked as I am. My eyes filled with more tears. They were already running down my face. Harry stroke them away with his thumb and kissed me soft on my forehead. The touch of his lips on my skin calmed me down.


“ When do you need to go ?”

“ This Friday, I need to be in the hospital around 5.”

“ I will stay with you.”

“ Thanks”


I softly kissed his lips.

Harry wrapped his arms around me and left soft kisses in my neck, cheeks and forehead.  He can taste the salt of my tears, I’m sure about that. But I don’t care because his  arms and the touch of his lips makes me feel like I’m home.


“ I love you”


I heard him whispering. Before sleep took over me entirely I told him the same because I really do. I do love him.


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