Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


13. You and only you

I'm warning you this chapter is a bit sexual !


Harry carried me up the stairs to his bedroom. I needed the touch of his lips at mine. I needed his hands touching my body. Only he could save me today. I love him more than I ever did. I wanted him right now and only him.


Harry broke the kiss. Our foreheads were still touching I could feel his heavy breathings tickling at my lips. It makes me want to kiss him even more


“ I love you, Ellie.”


He whispered.


“ I love you more.”


I kissed him again, I could taste the salt from his tears. I didn’t notices they were here until now.


“ Don’t cry. I want you and only you Harry. Nobody else matters to me.”


Our lips were touching more passionate this time. He is kissing me like it’s the last time. My hands moved from his neck to his back and to his stomach. He took his shirt of showing his perfect body and V-line I love so much. He looks like an angel that felt out of the sky only for saving me. I was broken by him but now he is healing me again.


He slowly put my shirt of reveling me only in my bra. His eyes going up and down my body.


“ You’re so beautiful.”


He pushed me at the bed. Rugged enough to be sexy and careful enough to be sweet. He leaned over me his hands against me.


I kissed him again. My tongue asking for access that he immediately gave me. His kisses went down to my neck and to my breasts. A soft moan escaping my mount and I felt his chest vibrating against mine. He slowly came back to my lips and kissed my lips roughly.


He started to nibble at the soft skin behind my ear. More moans escaped my mound when I called his name.


“ God, you’re so hot, Ellie.”


When he was done his lips went back to mine. My hands slowly traveling over his bare chest down to his pants. I started to unbutton his pants. He helped me and stripped them of. Me doing the exactly same thing.


Our lips met each other again.  We rolled over , me now on top of him. I kissed down his neck and left a trail of soft kisses all over his body. I felt his boner growing bigger under need me.


His hands went up to my bag. His big hands were struggling to open my bra. When he opened it he throw it at the chair standing at the corner of his room. We rolled over again. Me covering my breasts with my hands.


He moved my hands and took my breasts in his big ones.


“ Don’t be shy, babe. You’re gorgeous.”


He softly whispered before he put his lips at mine. Our bare chests touching and our hearts beating at the same time.


My hands traveled down his chest until I felt the band of his underpants. He slowly took me hands lower and helped me stripping off his underpants leaving him completely naked.


His hands went to my underpants, Harry looking straight in my eyes asking for permission to put them off. I slowly nod.


He carefully took them off. While he kept looking in my eyes. He softly kissed the top of my nose. I kissed his lips. The kiss gets more passionate. When he broke the kiss we both where panting very fast.


“ You’re sure about this, Ellie ?”

“ Yes”

“ I'm sorry if I hurt you.”


He slowly went inside me.

It was an entire new world that opened up to me.


My brain is saying it's not good what I'm doing. That I'm only making it worse than it already is. That I'm hurting him and myself even more. I only gone love him more and it's making it harder to leaf. I know I need to let him go one day because of my illness. And I know I’m only making it worse by one night.


My heart is saying that's it’s so right. I need him right now and it's making me stronger. He is healing me while I'm broken.


And my body is saying that I need it even more. Him inside me. His lips touching mine and his naked body against mine.


Harry's breathing becomes heavier with the minutes. His hair sticks at his face from swatting . His eyes were closed from pleasure. He was biting his lips , holding back his moans. He was close to his climax I could see it.


He went deeper and faster. A couple of moans escaping my lips me getting close to my climax too.


I never thought I would do this with Harry. Certainly not with a guy I’m only dating for 3 days. Are we even dating ? I actually don’t care it all feels so good,  are naked body’s fit together like a puzzle, like we are made for each other.


One last moan escaped our lips. He lay down next to me, panting very fast and grinning about what happened just a minute ago.


I lay down at his bare chest. He was playing with my hair. He took my breath away when he started to sing with is angelic voice.



I can be your hero, baby.

I can kiss away the pain.

I will stand by you forever.

You can take my breath away.


I was listening to his beautiful voice. Taking in the lyrics from the song.


Tears were streaming down my face. Harry made me forget about what happened and brought me back to reality. Just by singing this beautiful song. Every word was right.


He really is my hero , he can kiss away my pain.


He will stand by me forever, but he can’t.



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xx Elke


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