Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


22. there is more

~~We were laying in each other’s arms, just enjoying his touch and his warm body against mine. I missed him.

“ I have something for you.”
“ What ? There is more than this ? Harry it’s perfect seriously.”

He smirked like he always does when I guess something wrong.

“ it’s nothing, I’ll be ride back.”

He gave me a little pack on my forehead and left.
He came back with his guitar in his hand.

“ I’ve written a song.”
“ What ?! Omg that’s so sweet.”

He started to play.

figured it out
I figured it out from black and white
Seconds and hours
Maybe they had to take some time

I know how it goes
I know how it goes from wrong and right
Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other tight
Like us
Did they ever fight
Like us

You and I
We don't wanna be like them
We can make it till the end
Nothing can come between
You and I
Not even the Gods above can
Separate the two of us
No nothing can come between
You and I
Oh, you and I

When he finished I was crying, it was about us. Not us now but in the future. I ran to him and hugged him tight.

“ I’m sorry. I’m sorry because you love me and I love you. I’m sorry about the fight. I’m sorry because I’m sick and I’m sorry that you are the one who will be alone at the end. I’m so sorry.”
“ it’s okay. I’ll be fine. ”
“ I love you, Harry.”
“ I love you too.”
I’ve kissed him not with need or desires but full with love and passion.  I needed to break the kiss because I couldn’t breathe anymore. I started cough very hard.

“ You’re alright babe ?”
“ *cough* No *cough*”

I felt some blood streaming down my hand.

“ Somebody please help !! ”

Harry took my hand in his and squeezed it. I looked in his eyes and the only thing I could see was panic and concern.
Nurses walked in and started to give me the medicines’ I need.

I felt my knees getting weaker and my head getting lighter. I felt in his arms and saw his lips form 3 words.
“ I love you”

And then everything went black.
I think this is the end or maybe just the beginning of it.



I hope you like it. Let me know what you think !


xxx Elke

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