Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


8. the kiss

So a short update.

Point 1. Harry is going to change from a dick to the real Harry and  I’m going to help him.

Point 2. The voice in my head really needs to shut up. And needs to stop telling me I’m in love whit Harry because I’m not.

Point 3.  Lucy thinks I’m in love with Harry

Point 4. Harry is a dick and puts his dick a lot in Amy and other whores. That’s fucking discussing. Even from thinking about it I need to throw up. How can he put his ….. eugh it’s awful.

Point 5.  There is no point 5. So this is the end of the short update.


So me a Lucy where eating our lunch when the biggest bitch ever walked in like she was Beyoncé. She really need to know she isn’t that good looking like she thinks she is. And behind that biggest bitch ever was walking the biggest dick ever. They’re a match made in heaven.


Behind all my expectations Harry didn’t went sitting with Amy and all his popular friends but he and tom went sitting at a table all on their own WHAT ?


I really can see he is changing. Because all of a sudden he took books on his table and began to study. That’s something new.


“ Ellie , ELLIEEEE !!”

“ yeah , sorry. Look at Harry and Tom what are they doing ?”

“ studying don’t you see ?”

“ I can see that.”

“and he can see you staring at him.”

“ What ? I wasn’t staring at him !”

“ you were babe”

“ eugh let it be. We need to go, class starts in 5 minutes and I still need my books”



The last bell of the day rings finally this horrible day came at an end. Or it still goes one like I said a horrible day.


I took all my homework and went to the parking lot where Harry was waiting on me. I expected him to be alone but unfortunately he wasn’t he and Amy where talking.


Harry’s POV


I was waiting by my care at Ellie. I really hope she I coming. Someone was calling my name. it sounds like Ellie immediately there was a smile on my face. When I turned around the smile was all gone because it wasn’t the most beautiful girl I know but the biggest whore I know.


“ Hey , Amy. I thought you were someone else.”

“ Who are you waiting for Styles ?”

“ Tom , we need to do a project together.”

“ Since when are you doing something for school ?”

“ Since I want to graduate this year.”

“ Owh , have fun and text me when you’re finished. I’m free tonight.”

“ I will do that.” Don’t expect it.

“ Bye, don’t forget to text”

“ Bye , Amy”

And with those words she pressed her lips on mine. Me in total shock. I hope Ellie doesn’t see this.



It’s like my heart broke in a thousand pieces. Again he is doing it. Again he broke my heart. Why does it hurt so much seeing him kissing with her ?


Like I told you already, you’re in love with him.

I’m not in love with him !

Stop ignoring it, I know you are in love with him.


He is not my boyfriend so he can do whatever he want , if he wants to kiss that bitch he can do it. I don’t care.


“ Ellie you’re ready to go ?”

“ Yeah, can we stop at mcdo because I’m starving , again”

“ Shure, I’m hungry to”



“ Eugh , I love mcdo. I can eat it every day!”

Seriously I’m in love with mcdo and everything what they serve or make. It’s so good !


“ I know , you remember the last time we went together ?”

“ YES , I took like ten cheeseburger’s and eat it all on my own.”

“ You are sedge a pig Ellie.”

“ Thanks for the compliment Styles , you aren’t that bad by yourself.”

“ You’re ready , we really need to go.”

“ Yeah, let’s go”



The doctor took some more blood and tomorrow I have an appointment in the hospital for some radiographs and scans. I hope everything’s going to be fine, that there is nothing wrong with me and I still can play the big game that’s coming up in a couple of months.


“ I need to bring you home, or we are going to do something together ?”

“ I don’t know , I still have some homework to do.”

“ We can do it together, if you like to ?”

“ I would like to do it together but I didn’t told my mum so it’s better to bring me home.”

“ Call her ?”

“ I know I can just call her but I want a night on my own. I’m sorry.”

“ I could use some help with my English but it’s okay.”

“ We can do it tomorrow. We have enough time between the scans and stuff ?”

“ yeah , sounds great. So I will bring you home.”


It was quiet for a time. I was just listening to the radio and looking through the window. Harry was singing along with the music.


“ You know you really have a good voice.”

“ Thanks , I hear that a lot”

“ Really?”

“ Yeah, my friends from the football always tell me and my mum and Gemma.”

“ Owh , well they are ride about it. You need to apply to x-factor or something like that.”

“ I’m not that good.”

“ You can try. Maybe even more girls fall for you, or is Amy enough for you ?”


Owh shit , stupid Ellie, very stupid.


“ Where are you talking about, Ellie ?”

“ Aren’t you and Amy a thing ?”

“ What ? No, you saw it on the parking lot ?”

“ Yeah , so I thought maybe you and her are together.”

“ No, she kissed me and I was in shock. I didn’t kissed her back.”

“ It’s okay Harry, you don’t need to explain it. You’re not my boyfriend.”

Harry’s POV


Those words hit me like a motherfucker. I want to be it , Ellie I WANT TO BE YOUR BOYFRIEND. I never will be if I stay acting like a dick, and doing like I don’t care about her because I really do. Tomorrow are some more tests and I can spend the entire day with her , just like old times.


“ Where here, see you tomorrow. Don’t forget anything.”

“ Yeah , see you. And thanks again, Harry.”


The entire drive I was thinking about her and nothing else then her , it’s not something new to be honest. When I came home my mum was already waiting on me to ask me where I have been, why I didn’t called her, with who I was , and after that she gone be mad and tell me I need to call her and spend some more time with her, then with my friends. I don’t know why but my mum never was like that but since high school she became like this.

I was trying to be as quiet as possible just to avoid her and go to my room.  But that was just too beautiful to be true.


“ Harry , is that you ? Where have you been ?”

“ Hi mum , I was with Ellie. How was your day ?”

“ Ellie ,  how is she ?”

“ Great, I need to do some homework.”

“ Bye , sweetie.”


That was the weirdest thing ever , my mum wasn’t mad at me. That’s new.


Ellie’s POV


My mum already opened the door for me, she is mad. I can see it in the look in her eyes.


“ Where have you been ? Who was that ?”

“ I was with Harry I needed to help him with his English”


And I’m lying again.


“ Okay, but the next time at least send me a text.”

“ I’m sorry mum.”



So a new chapter, I didn't uptade like in ages and i'm so sorry for that. Please tell me what you think about the story it would mean a lot.


xx Elke

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