Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


2. the game

It's finally here. After a long time waiting and preparing it’s finally here: The final. The biggest game of the season. All my family is here today.

Gemma Styles, yes Harry Styles sister. She is the one I must to betel to. It’s just like last year. When I won! But this year she is stronger than last year. She always wins to easily.

The weirdest thing about this final is that me and Harry teach her to tennis. We have convince her that she must to go play. I have teach her a lot of my secrets and now she gone use them against me. Maybe I must to see it like a good thing I know her like I know myself.

The game starts the stands are full of people.

He is here. Of course he is here. His sister is playing.  He looks handsome today like every day. With is beautiful green eyes and dark brown curls. Who would not fall in love with him?  Owh yeah ME !! Why I don’t fall for him? Because I hate him. And we were best friends for years and best friends never fall in love at each other. That’s just a fact.

On the tennis he always laughs at me, but when I look at school and laugh at him. He doesn’t know me. It’s heart breaking actually. How can somebody do that. Being friends with somebody for half you life and then pretend like you have never ever mad each other.

Concentrate on the game not on him , Ellie. One his sister. Why can’t he just leaf me alone. Every time I see him or see his sister. It’s hurt again. The scars always ripped open, can I ever forget him ?


First break I have to cough. So gross, there's blood. Nobody has seen it. It's nothing. Even the healthiest people do this sometimes. Do not worry. What could it be? I think colds, coughs you there blood? Okay back to the game, concentrate.

I can only hear my name. I recognize his voice immediately. Of course I know his voice. His raspy and  sexy voice. I can hear a little of concern in his voice. Why? Actually it’s reared I can recognized his voice. It’s two years ago that he have say something to me. Yeah, I think it’s still in me, that best friend thing.


The game is over. I won! I am champion! I’m still can’t believe it . I want to thank my mom, my coach and my grandfather who brought me here. Owe yeah, I’m already acting like a pro. I was walking to the café.

When he stopped me. What is he doing. Why is he doing this I’m not want to talk to him. I’m not in the mood ride now.


"Ellie ? I need to ask you something? "

" What Harry? "
"What was that during the break?"

 I frown. What does he mean. During the break.

"Yes, in that towel "
"Nothing what are you talking about?"


He has seen it. That’s why there was some concern in is voice. Now I get it.

"Do you really think I have not seen it. It was blood Ellie. It's not just blood, you should go to the doctor. My uncle had it. He's dead now. "
" Or you would be interested in it ? You have years not looking at me Harry. And now you say that I should go to the doctor, for just some blood? For two years I could care for myself, so now I can also. Go back to those friends of yours. Do you think it was easy for me, we were best friends for years and then suddenly I was not good enough anymore. Why ? Is it because your friends do not like me or is it because I not popular”

Now you taking Ellie. Why am I crying then? I am also worried. He's right, I need to see a doctor. This is not normal. I walk as fast as I can to my corner. I always came to here when I was sad. Only a few people know that I always come to here.


I hear footsteps. It’s Harry. Yep, he is one of those people who know this corner. He knows me really well. He understands me like nobody else. He sit beside me. He grabs me tight. I start to cry even harder. He tries to comfort me. Just like we were young, is this what I missed all that time when I was sad ? A shoulder to cry on? We stay sitting there in silence for a while. It was a little bit an awkward silence. we never have an awkward silence before.

I start the conversation then:

"You're right"
"I know I’m. I want to help you. I want to be a good friend for you like I was before. The past years, I wasn’t. It was terrible not to speak to you but I thought it was the best for both of us.  I was afraid, I even don’t know if I dare to speak to you at school, Ellie."
"Am I so bad then? "
"No, I'm just a scared little boy. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who didn’t really care that much about what people thought about them. But, I just don’t thing I am."
I softly smiled at him.

"You have no reason to be afraid of Harry. If you're going to school in underpants. Even then nobody would laugh with you. That’s how popular you are "
"I'm not that popular, but stop talking about my problems. Yours is much bigger. I will go with you to the doctor. If you want to? ”
"I’m afraid, Harry. I don’t dare to go . What if the news is bad. I don’t want to die, not yet. " and there we go again. cry cry cry

"I understand. It’s completely normal, but you need to do this. You can also go with your mom if you want?"
"No, I’m not telling it to her. I don’t want to give her that pain. She will be stressed and stress me out. I really can’t tell her "
"We'll go tomorrow. I'll pick you up at seven. We go to your doctor and after it we watch a movie at my place? "
"Sounds good"                                                          

"See you tomorrow, El” there was a silence.                                                                                  Just when I turned around he called me      

“ Euhm, Congrats, El”              

“Thanks and see you tomorrow, Harry”

My heart skip a beat when he saying that word “El ” . He used to call me like that. It reminds me of when we were young. He began to say that from day one we mad each other. When he was little he never could say Ellie sow he just say El. I was completely fine with it but now it’s really making my blood boil.

It feels like he isn’t changed in that two years. I just know he is changed or maybe he is different at school. I think he is his silly self with me. I hope he is.

I just go to the café where my mum was.

“ Were have you been. I was waiting for you.”               

“ Just some kids that want an autograph from the winner” I smiled                                                “ Ooowh come her my little sweat heart. Congrats!! I love you !!”                                                 “ thanks mum I love you to, are we going home. I’m a little tired  ”      

“ Okay, I want to leave any way”

We said goodbye to everyone and then we went home. It was about 11pm when we were home. I just can get the sleep. I was thinking about today and tomorrow. About Harry but even about the doctor. I was crying because I was afraid. Maybe I’m gone die. Maybe it’s just a cold. Maybe after two years I finally gone have my best friend back and with that thoughtsin my mind I finally fall asleep. With a smile on my face and Harry in my dreams.

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