Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


6. Letter

Ellie’s POV


The sound of my ginger Jesus was pounding in my head. I can’t even open my eyes. The last memories I have is that is fall asleep on Harry’s chest after I’ve cried for hours. It felt so ride to be there. I felt so safe in his arms like nobody could hurt me. I forgot everything that happens before. Is that how you feel when you have an older brother how comfort you ? and where am I ? I was searching for my phone for turning the hell off. It’s breaking my brains. I opened my eyes a little bid but it hurts like hell. I looked around and saw I was in my room. How do I get here ? I can’t remember driving home. When I saw my phone there was a letter on it and on my nightstand was a glass of water and some aspirins. Who did this ?  I took the aspirins and the letter. I recognized the handwriting immediately even it was ages ago that I saw it. Whit that I even know the answer at my question.


My dear Ellie,


After you fall asleep I was thinking about you. About what you said and that I had so much fun today. I felt like I was me again. I never realized it before. I’m changed. But when I’m with you I’m myself again. It felt like two years ago.  I know nothing gone be the same like then. You lost your trust in me and it’s more than normal.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t want it back like two years ago. I want you to know that I really miss you and that I ignored you because I really thought it was the best. I knew you doesn’t want to be popular or being in the spotlight and Tom and me want that. It was not that I doesn’t liked you anymore but I thought it was the best. You has to believe me.


It isn’t nice of me doing like I don’t know you. But it is because I’m scared. Scared of what the others would say or think. I know I don’t has to be afraid.  And I don’t know why I’m so afraid. It’s so stupid ,I’m pathetic. I’m acting like I’m a girl. I don’t have a reason to be so afraid. I think I just want to fit in too desperately. You’re an amazing girl and funny nothing to be ashamed of.  I’m sorry for that and everything I have done and I really understand if you not accept my apology. But you has to know that if there is something. I always will be there for you no matter what, no matter when.


Today I realized I’m not myself anymore and I’m going to change. It’s not gone be easy and I hope you gone help me in this if you want. I need you, you and Tom are the only persons who really know me. Who know the real me and that’s the person I want to be again. I gone take the first step tomorrow.  I gone wait for you one the parking lot by my range rover I want to go whit you to the doctor. If I’m not their pleas wait at me if you want to. If you not want to come with me I would respect that. I would let you go and like you want never talk to you again.  I know it’s not a big of  a deal for you but for me it really is.


I hope to see you El.

Xx H.  


P.S:  Take the aspirins if you got a headache 


He realized it, he realized it , he realized it


It’s the only thing where I can think of. HE REALIZED IT ! He finally see it. He see that he is changed. And he want to be himself again and he want me to help him. I’m so happy. I’m even crying. But then reality hits me I has to go to school and again Harry don’t gone talk to me. But at least he want to change and maybe in a while he gone talk to me and we gone be friends again. And I gone try my best for being as close as I can. And I hope it’s gone be like two years ago. Because Harry is like my brother and even if he makes stupid decisions I still love him. I need to forgive him.


The aspirins start doing their work so I’m making myself ready for going to school. Like always I put on a skinny jeans whit this time my Rolling Stones sweater and some black converse. I put all my books for today in my backpack and rushed down stairs. On the way I looked fast in the mirror. I run to the kitchen and took an apple. Again I has to run for my bus.


I’m just that people looking at me if I’m getting on the bus, but everyone. Just with the look in their eyes you can say what they thinking about. Suddenly my shoes where supper interesting. Whit my head down I walked fast to my seed next to Lucy.


“ Where the hack you yesterday, I couldn’t find you ?”

“ I went home after everybody was laughing whit me. ”


Lying is not a good idea Ellie.


“ Walking ? because your car was still there, you’re lying Ellie.”

“ Yes walking, I needed some fresh air.”

“ Okay, I still don’t believe you. But if you don’t want to say you was whit Harry you don’t need to. ”


She was grinning like an idiot because she know she was ride. My eyes almost fall out off my heat and I think there can drive a truck inside my mound right now. How does she know ? Tom ? No he would never do that, would he ?


The whole bus ride was awkward. I’m just staring out of the window even if I saw this road for a million times. I’m a little bid mad at her. I always thought that she would never know about Harry and me been best friends. But did she know ? I think I just has to ask her but if I do then I has to explain everything, including the pneumonia part and the part that hurts me the most. NOO I can’t do that it’s gone hurt too much and I don’t want to cry over Harry again. I’ve cried enough. I just gone ask why she think that I was whit him and not whit another random lad. Yes that’s what I gone do by lunch.


Just when I’m made up my mind the bus pulled over and everybody rushed out. Lucy and me getting out and went to our lockers. And I thought that the glares at the bus where bad, but the looks I had in the corridors where then times worse. This day is not even started and I which that he is already over.


Little did I know that this day can be even worse.

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