Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


17. it's not the same


I’ve got my second, my third and fourth chemo. It’s not like  there is anything different accept the part that my hair is falling out. I’m still feeling sick and need to vomit all the time. Luckily there is Harry. He hasn’t left my side sins the moment I walked in. we’re just laying here in bed I’m too weak to even go to the toilet by myself.

It’s already two weeks. I’ve lost about 4 pounds. I don’t know if I can take it any longer. I’m tired , tired of everything. Sitting here all day, watching three movies a day, getting this chemo, vomiting, life. I don’t want to be sick, I just want to live. Like every normal teenager being stupid , making the wrong decisions, having regrets. But I think  that’s not for me.

Yesterday was my last chemo for now so today they need to do some scans again because of that harry went to school again for the first time. It’s so different without him supporting me. I can’t imagine a life without him. There will not be a life without him. His life will be without me. I’m afraid to say goodbye to him, I mean for forever. I want to say him how much I love him before it’s too late, but I can’t. I just can’t find the wright words. I don’t know what I need to say. I don’t want to say goodbye to him I just want to say see you soon.

Harry’s POV

It’s the first time in two weeks I go back to school. It’s so weird without Ellie around. It’s not like I’ve ever talked to here.

“ Hi hot stuff where have you been ?”
“ Hi Amy “

I need to say, I didn’t missed this bitch at all.

“ So it’s true you’re together with that geek of an Ellie ? You can have so much better. ”
“ At first, she’s not a geek and second she is ten times better then you ever will be.”

I just turned around and went to my class not even bothered about what she thinks our anybody else. I don’t care anymore hat people think of me. The only thing I care about is Ellie. Being with her is like the world around me stops , it’s only me and her nothing else matters.


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