Breath ( Harry Styles fan fiction )

You are best friends sins kindergarten. High school came and he wants to be popular. Suddenly he lets you down. Two years later he is back. Your friendship is stronger than ever, and then disaster hit you. He is the person that put you through the hardest time of your life. Would there be more than just a beautiful friendship ?


4. bad news

I didn't go back to school after I run away. I decided to go to the park and feed the ducks with the bread that I left from my lunch.

I look at my phone and see that school was done already an hour ago. I should go home my mum would probably wondering where I am.

I was already walking 10 minutes when a car pulled over a little before me. It pretty scared me. I just walked a little bit faster across the car. I hear the car door slam after me. I was already running ride now. But then somebody called my name.

" Hey, El why are you running away from me ?"

It is Harry. He is the last person in the world that I want to see ride now. Are you kidding me. What is he even doing here.

" I thought you was somebody else"

" Owh, okay where was you today, I didn't saw you at school ?"

Why does he ask this. Like he cared about me. I thought he only cared about Amy.

" I just was is the park feeding the ducks"

" you're not a skipper, El. Come on tell me what's going on"

I not gone tell you that I'm mad at you because you was flirting with Amy. That you’re not looking at me. That you just didn't care about me.

I just thought a second just a second that he would say something to me. That he wouldn't be ashamed for me anymore. But I toughed wrong. Again he disappoint me.

" Nothing, just got enough from school and I needed a day of."

" Is it about the blood test ?"

" Owh, now the blood test. I forget all about it"

" Come on call your doctor. I want to know it"

" But he said he gone call me."

" Do I have to call?"

" No, there wouldn't be anything wrong so"

" Call him then, NOW"

" okay, boss"

He smirked. We went sitting in his car. I tipped my doctors number in my phone. He goes over. I put it on speakers so Harry can listen with me.

" Hello doctor Carter, can I help you? "

" Hello, doctor. Your talking to Ellie. You said that you'll have the resold of my blood test today."

" Well I have them. But I still have to look at them. I would call you if I'm done with it."

"Okay, I will wait. Bye"

" It can be very late tonight. Is that a problem ? "

" No, not at al. Have a good day"

" Have a good day"

I hang up.

" I told you he would call me"

" Okay, you’re ride. So what are we gone do until he call you back."

" I don’t know. Do you want to do something together?"

His face cleared up as soon I ask it. It was fun to see that he want to do something together whit me.

Don't believe he want to do something with you Ellie. You just see what you want to see. Remember that. He only care about Amy. He doesn't want to be friends with you. Maybe only when his friends doesn't see it.

I know that the little voice in my head got it all ride but I don't want that it's ride. I want to be friends with Harry. I want to hang out with him and doing silly things like we used to do.

" Yeah, but what are we gone do?"

" I don't know. Maybe we can go to the supermarket and do barbeque because I'm starving."

He laugh at me. I think he is even hungry.

" Yeah, I'm even a little bid hungry."

Just what I say. I got it ride, again. I think it's a gift. Like Edward Cullen but then only at Harry.

I smiled at my thought.

Harry looked at me with a frown on his face.

" Can I smile with you ?"

" It's really nothing. I just thought at something."

" About ?"

" It's really nothing, Harry"

" if it's nothing why don't you just say it ?"

He's really pissing me of ride now and he knows it. Because he is smirking like an idiot.


" I'm sorry I was just kidding."

He starts his car and drives to the supermarket. An awkward ride, again.


" Why are there always so many different kinds of mead. I can't choice."

" It is. We must to have some mars mellows too. Than we do a campfire like old times. I would invite Tom too."

" Yeah, sounds nice. Only we three. Or do you want to invite more friends?"

" You can ask Lucy. Now she and Tom are dating it would be nice. But I can invite more friends if you want me to ? "

" Owh, yeah I just can say that there is a little party at your place and that Tom would be there to."

" Okay, good idea. We would do first barbeque with just us three and then you can go home and call Lucy."

" Yeah, Harry ?"

" Yeah"

He looked at me ride in the eye. His beautiful green eyes are staring in my boring bleu wants. They're so pure. You can see them blinking from joy. Actually there really beautiful.

Do you say he's got beautiful eyes OMG ! What's going on with me.

I'm just a teenage girl.

" Can Tom come over after the doctor called me?"

" Yeah, of course "

I shyly smiled at him.

Sind's when am I shy around Harry ? I'm really forget about how I has to act around boys.

We buy everything we needed for tonight and go back to Harry's place. Harry immediately start to text to all his friends and I just called to Lucy and my mum.

" Tom is coming in half an hour"

" Okay, hopefully the doctor have called then"

" yeah he said he would call you so"

" yeah, I hope he would"


" He had to call already an half an hour ago, Ellie. I think he wouldn't call anymore today"

" Yeah I think. Tom will be here any minute anyways."

The doorbell rings and me and Harry jump up at the same time. Harry start to laugh very hard and I can feel my cheeks are turning red. Harry opened the door and in the door opening stood a handsome boy with chestnut hair and bright blue eyes smiling like an idiot.

" Tom, come in bro."

" Hazza"

Tom and Harry give each other a bro hug.

" Ellie, come here my little girl. Welcome back"

" Tom, I missed you. "

We used to act around each other all the time like this. He really was like my little brother. Me and Tom were close but we were never so close like Harry and I were. Tom gives me the big bear hug.

" Can't bread, Tom"

He smirked. God, I missed this guy and his smirk and his hugs. They are just awesome. Really nobody can beat Tom's hugs.


" I has to get, Lucy. I see you guys in 15 minutes again."

" Yeah, we already miss you!!"

Does he just say that. Does the Harry Styles just say he already miss me. Why ? He doesn't mist me two years long and now he missed me.

Why do you have to take everything so serious. He doesn't miss you at all.


" Mum, I'm home !! I'm going to get dressed and going to a little party with Lucy."

" Hey Ellie, who's party your going ?"

" Harry's. Pleas mum. It won't be late. I promise"

" I didn't say anything. Just get dressed."

"Thanks mum. I love you"

" Love you too"

I give my mum a big hug and raced upstairs. I put on a little black dress and my red hills. I put a little bit of mascara on and keep the rest very naturally.

I'm so excited for this party.

I rushed back downstairs and grape my purse and the car keys.

" Bye mum ! Love you !"

" Have fun, sweetheart !"


Lucy rushed in the car. She was wearing a really beautiful red dress.

" OMG, Lucy. You look incredible."

" So do you weirdo. Sind’s when do you go to party's one Monday."

" It's not a party."

" It is!"

"No it's not!"

"It is!"

Then the familiar voice of Ed Sheeran go one. Ooowh, noo, please don't say it's the doctor.

" Helloo with, Ellie"

"Hey, it's me, Harry. Do you can get some soda ?"

" I'm already at Lucy's."

" It's not a problem Ellie. Then there is no soda"

"See you. In a minute"


Harry's POV

I just hanged up the phone when my doorbell rings.

I get to the door and see who it was. The most horrible girl in the world , Amy. She wear a pink dress way to short. Her face is covered with tons of make-up.

I don't understand that all the boys in school are so into her. I mean. She's not ugly on the outside but she is just the biggest whore there is. There are so many girls how are much beautiful then her, like Ellie.

She is perfect. Her beautiful long legs how are kissed by the sun. Her smile how makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. Her plumy red lips how I want to kiss so badly every time I see them. But I never could pres my lips to her soft ones.

It's all because I'm scared. I'm scared of what people gone say about me. What they gone think that I'm dating with an on popular kid.

I don't want to care about it, just do what my heart say every time I see her. Tom had say it so many times those two years whiteout her. She is my princess but I would never be her prince. She even don't want to be friends with me anymore. She makes it all clear to me yesterday.

My heart was broken after she sad that. I thought maybe a second she would forgive me everything. But she wouldn't. I have hurt her too much. Maybe it was a stupid decision to hang out with her again. Every time she is with me and I see how hard I hurt her. I'm so mad at myself. I can hit me in the face like a thousand times. But I can't go back. I can't hurt her again. There is a little chance she would forgive me, but if I'm hurting her again she would never NEVER forgive me.

" Harry, hello , can we come in ?"

" Euhm, yeah , you look amazing"

Gulp, gulp

She giggled and walked in with her two best friends. After Amy there come some more friends of me and Tom the most of them were from the football team. The little party really started when the music getting loud and everybody start to move on the beats of the music.

I just stood by the drinks when suddenly somebody grabbed my arm and pulled me to the dance floor.

It was Amy

She start to rub against my body. I stood there paralyzed by what's going on. For making everything clear I really wasn't enjoying it. Like I already set she is awful.

" Looking hot today Styles"

She whispered in my ear. What is she doing ? It's not turning me on or something. I think being nice is the best option.

" like I already set you too Amy"

I whispered back in her ear.

Just at that moment the love of my live walked in. We locked eyes. She looked beautiful. I smiled at her and her cheeks get a little shape of red . She is so cute when she's blushing.

Amy was looking ride in the direction I was looking. She start to laugh very loud so everybody would hear her.

" What are you doing here ? Let's make it all clear in that head of you. You're not popular so not welcome here."

Ellie, was still looking at me with angry and sadness in her eyes.

" I-I was..."

" Invited ? Who invited her ?"

She looked at me. I want to say ' I do ', but like always I'm scared. I looked over at Tom who was even staring at me. I do nothing.

Ellie, turned around and runes away. The music start to play again and Amy's attention was back at me while mine was still on Ellie. She turned around and looked at me with tears in her eyes.

For the first time in my life I wasn't caring about my image our what people would thinking about me. I just followed my heart and it was an amazing feeling.

I start to run after Ellie. I can't let her go. Not twice.

But then a hand grabbed my arm. For the

second time today.

" What are you doing Harry ?"

" I'm going to the toilet"

" okay "

She getting one her tip toes and kissed my cheek.


I was running to where I saw Ellie the last time and was trying to wipe the red lipstick of my cheek so Ellie wouldn't see it.

Ellie's POV

I walked away when the tears start to stream down my cheeks. He doesn't do anything, just stood there across that b*tch and staring at me. He doesn't cared about me. He doesn't want to be friends with me again. Why have I ever agreed that he goes with me to the doctor ?

Because I thought he cared about me , but he doesn't.

I walked insides Harry's house. I know it like it's my own house so I go straight to the attic. We used to play here when we were young. I just go sitting before the window and looked at the people how are sweating when something catches my eye.

He was gone. She stood there alone. I start to laugh very loud.

" Ellie"

His familiar voice said in a soft but still raspy, sexy voice.

" How do you found me , Harry ? "

" We used to play here when we were young. So I though you would be here when I saw you walking in my house."

" Why are you here ?"

" I want to say sorry, Ellie."

" For what. For embarrass me in front of the most popular kids in school."

" I'm sorry, Ellie. I really want to ..."

" Shut it Harry. I already know it you're scared because you're ashamed for me. For our past. I never had to come to this party. I even don't have to listen to you on the tennis when you said there something wrong with me. I never want to see you again. I never want to talk to you again. I never want to even hear your name again. I hate you ! You ruined my life. Go away and stay away ! "

The tears were streaming down my cheeks just like Harry's.

" W- Why do you do that to me ? –

It was almost a whisper. His voice cracked at the end of his sense.

“I really care about you. I don't want to lose you again. I'm not ashamed for you. You're amazing in every single way. Every part of you, everything you do is wonderful and I have missed you so badly. But I thought it was the smartest because you doesn't want to be popular. I thought it was the best for me and for you. I know it wasn't fair to you. And I still think it wasn't the ride choice to just ignore you the entire summer. But I can't change it."

" You never have lost me Harry. You always push the persons away who really cared about you. And deep in my heart I was still caring about you but you really hurt me. But what have I done to you ?"

"I never wanted to hurt you. I'm really sorry."

"Harry answer my question. What have I done to you?"

I almost shout between gritted teeth.

"I know I hurt you Ellie. And I know you would never forgive me for what I have done two years ago. If I could turn back in time I would make another decision. But I can't do that. But I can make things ride again. But I don’t know how and I don't know I still want to do that because you make it all clear to me you don't want to be friends anymore. And maybe I have hurt you but by saying you hate me. You even hurt me. "

" I'm sorry. I was just angry I doesn't mean what I was saying. I'm really sorry"

" You don't need to say sorry. I'm the one who need to say that and I totally understand if you don't accept that. "

I don't know what I has to say now.

And then the familiar voice from Ed Sheeran filled the silence. And for ones I really hate it.

I search for my phone. When I found him I picked up.

" Hello with Ellie"

" Hello Ellie it's doctor Carter. I have seen your blood results."

I saw Harry frown and put my phone on speakers.

" Yeah. So how are they? "

" I don't have good news Ellie"

" W-What how do you mean no good news ?"

I looked at Harry. He looked at me. I can see he is as scared as I'm ride now. He walked over to me and take me in his arms. He softly begin to rube my back. It calms me down a bit. A couple of minutes ago we hate each other and know I'm in his arms and this feels so ride. I realize that Harry is the person who I want to sit beside. I need him. I can trust him. He knows me better than anyone.

" What's the bad news ?"

" We found something in your blood that may indicate you have a pneumonia. But it's always can be something else. We has to do some more tests so we can know it for sure. .... "

There were a couple of minutes of silence.

"... Probably your can't tennis for a couple of months."

"But there is a big game coming up. I can't miss that. "

"I'm sorry, Ellie."

" When do I have to come for the tests ?"

" Maybe tomorrow after your school is done."

" Okay, I will be there. Doctor I have a question?"

" You can ask me."

" Be honest with me. Is there a chance I'm dying ?"

There was a silence for a couple of minutes.

" There is a little chance but you don't have to worry about it. It's maybe 1 at a million how dies at an pneumonia. "

"Thank you, I see you tomorrow."

My voice cracked when the words coming out of my mound.

"See you tomorrow, Ellie."

I looked at Harry. The tears are streaming down my cheeks without knowing it. For the third time this day. But there is a different.

There is now a person how comfort me. Harry. I burry my head deeper in his chest and start to cry even harder. He was whispering that everything gone be okay. But it doesn't help. The tears keep coming out of my eyes and I can't stop them.

After hours of crying I felt my eyes getting weaker and weaker and slowly I'm drifted off. Still lying on Harry's chest. Listening to the beat of his heart.


Please let me know if you liked it. It would mean the world to me if some of you guys let me know it. I'm sorry if you think it's boring, if you think it is stop reading it. But if you like it stay reading, it's getting intresting in a while but I has to build it up a little bid.


and please let me know if I should go further with this story bcs I have some good ideas :D

stay beautiful

xxx Elke

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