Winnning Your Heart (Sequel to Love You Forever)

Avery Jones and Preston Corvette are b-a-a-a-ck!!!!!!!!!!! Things are getting awkward for the two lovebirds. They're together in the almost all the same classes, they have same lunch time and study hall. And now, Avery's having trouble with her parents, and Preston's dad has "come back from the grave". Can they work out their differences and put the past behind them to see each other through 12th grade? Read on and find out... :)


8. Chapter 6


I was pretty surprised to see Preston wandering around the school calling for a "goosey".

"Uh, hi? What are you doing here?" I managed to get out.

"Preston?" Another voice joined us. It was a small girl with brown eyes, black hair and red glasses. The one I had seen with Preston.

She put a hand protectively on his arm. "Who's this?" she asked. Her voice was wary and distant.

Preston glanced between us. Oblivious kid. "Oh... Mia, this is Avery. Avery, Mia."

Mia nodded. "Nice to meet you Avery." she said. When I didn't return the compliment, she turned awkwardly to Preston. "I found the goose." she said.

"Goose?" I didn't really care if I was being rude, but apparently Preston did. He shot me a look.


"It's a long story. Come on, we need to go." Mia tugged on Preston's arm and led him away.

Preston looked back and waved. "See ya Avery." He didn't even seem to notice the tension.

I raised my hand in a wave goodbye. I watched as they turned the corner and disappeared.

Jealousy rose inside me and I pushed it down.

Preston and I had broken up. That was it.

I took a deep breath, pulling myself together.

If Preston could move on, so could I.

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