Winnning Your Heart (Sequel to Love You Forever)

Avery Jones and Preston Corvette are b-a-a-a-ck!!!!!!!!!!! Things are getting awkward for the two lovebirds. They're together in the almost all the same classes, they have same lunch time and study hall. And now, Avery's having trouble with her parents, and Preston's dad has "come back from the grave". Can they work out their differences and put the past behind them to see each other through 12th grade? Read on and find out... :)


6. Chapter 4


I watched as Preston dusted himself off and walked away, a goofy grin on his face.

An invisible tiger claw sliced through my heart. Just by looking at him, I could tell that Preston had a crush on the girl he was talking to.

Hot tears stung my eyes as I shifted through my locker, blindly sorting books.

I picked up my backpack and stuck my hand inside, looking for my phone. What time is it?

My  hand stuck something elastic and a memory wriggled in the in the back of my mind. I brought out a small elastic band. Now, you may not think this is very interesting, but it triggered a sharp memory.

My sixth grade teacher (A/N: My class actually did this is grade 6), Ms. Alison held up an elastic band.

"Make up a little promise to yourself. An oath. One thing about yourself that no one likes." she twirled the elastic in her fingers. I then noticed she had a matching one on her wrist.

She tossed me the band which I caught gracefully(note the sarcasm).

"Make an 'oath', Avery." My teacher made quotation marks in the air with her fingers.

My mind immediately flew to Preston. Don't make a fool of yourself in front of him.

I slipped it on. "Got one." I said.

"Okay," she replied. "Now every time you break that oath, do this."

She stretched the elastic and let it slap back on her wrist. "Then switch wrists."

She did so.

I stared at my hand. I should be slapping myself no end, I thought.

Now, looking at the band again, the same thought came to mind. I put on a determined face. This time, I was going to keep that promise.

With that, I slipped it on.

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