Annabelle-Rae moves away from Wales with her dad after her parents get divorced, she leaves her friends and her life behind to move to England. What she doesn't know is, moving to England will be the best and worst decision she has ever made. On the first day at her new school, she bumps in a curly haired boy, this will change life forever, and maybe not its not for the best.


3. The Hate


*20 minutes later* 

Annabelle-Rae P.O.V

I arrive home and go to open the door, but it's locked. I pull out my keys from my bag and unlock the door and walk in. I run straight up the stairs to my bedroom and get my MacBook out of my desk drawer. I sign into Twitter and I search for the girls. All the conversations are there:

< @Annabelle_Rae5SOS:

@5SOS I love you guys soo much, please notice me :(<3<3<3 >

< In reply to @Annabelle_Rae5SOS


@Annabelle_Rae5SOS @5SOS Why would they ever notice you, you're an ugly slut. >

< In reply to @Jamie_5SOS


@Annabelle_Rae5SOS @5SOS @Jamie_5SOS haha, you're right Jamie, she doesn't deserve to live on earth, nobody even likes her. >

< In reply to @Courtney_5SOSLOVER


@Annabelle_Rae5SOS @5SOS @Jamie_5SOS @Courtney_5SOSLOVER go die @Annabelle_Rae5SOS nobody wants someone like you on earth. >

I'm now crying at all the favourites, retweets and replays/comments all their mean tweets about me had. After about 5 minutes of being home the house phone starts ringing, and I rush down stairs to answer it. It's my dad. "Hi daddy." "Hello pumpkin, I'm really sorry but we are short of staff for the night shifts and they have asked me if its possible for me to stay, are you alright to be alone tonight? If not I will come home," I don't answer for a while, I'm trying not to cry. "Anna-Rae?" "Oh, yea sure I'll be okay." I start crying again, but silently so my dad doesn't worry about me. "Okay well bye pumpkin, I love you Anna-Rae." "I love you too dad, bye." And I hang up.

I have been crying for about 20 minutes now. I jumped as someone started knocking on the door, I wiped my tears away as I walked to the door, I opened it to find Harry stood there, looking curious. 


Harry's P.O.V:

She opens the door and she looks like she's been crying. "Can I come in?" She nods and walks over to the sofa. I shut the door and sit down by her. "What's wrong Anna-Rae?" She bursts into tears, I pull her close an just hold her in my arms. She buries her head into my neck. We stay like this for a few minutes. Eventually she looks up at me and says, "We'll.. I know Jamie, Courtney and Hannah," she starts crying again, I grab her hand and hold it tight. "They sent me hate on Twitter a couple months ago." She pulls her hand away and runs up stairs and within seconds she comes back down with her Mac Book. She opens Twitter and shows me their tweets. I just sit there. Staring at the nasty tweets. Why would they do that? Have they seen her, she's not ugly, she perfect. Why would they tell her to die if they don't actually know her? She's beautiful, absolutely amazing. I may have only met her this morning, but ever since I bumped into her and looked into her perfect blue eyes, I have had feelings for her and I think now is the time to tell her, hopefully she will feel the same. "Anna-Rae," she looks up at me, tears forming and falling from her eyes, still. "you're perfect. Ever since this morning, I just new I had to make you mine. I'm falling for you big time." She just looks down and blushes.

Annabelle-Rae P.O.V:

Oh my, did he really just say that. One of the nicest and best looking boys at our school like me, out of all the beautiful girls, he picks the ugly one. He likes me. "Really?" I say looking back up into his big green eyes. "Yes," he looks up into my eyes, "really." I giggle and kid of choke at the same time which made a funny noise. Harry is now in hysterics.

He is now led on the floor almost wetting himself. "Come on Harry, it wasn't that funny." I moan. He can hardly talk but manages to say "Oh, but it was." In between breaths. 

After a while he stopped laughing and got back on the sofa and looked straight into my eyes. He started leaning in slowly. I decided to lean in as well, our faces met in the middle and we were now literally millimeters away from kissing. "Kiss me." He said looking into my eyes then down at my lips. I leaned in that tiny bit more and he smashed his lips into mine. I knew I should stop kissing him because I hardly know him but there was something about his touch that made me not want to let go of him. It got more and more passionate and then he's on top of me. He started unbuttoning my polo shirt and trying to pull it off over my head. "Harry," I say in between kisses. "I'm only 14.." He stopped kissing me and sat back up. "Oh yeah. That sucks." He looked down at his watch. "Well I best get going, we've got school tomorrow." Just as he got up, I started saying something I really shouldn't have. "Wait," I knew I shouldn't of said it but before I could take control of my mouth, I blurted out "my Dad isn't home and I don't really want to be alone tonight.. So um, do you want to um.. Stay tonight.." He stopped where he was, turned around and nodded at me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "I'm just going to go and get some clothes, my toothbrush and stuff so I can get ready for school tomorrow." I walked over to the front do and open it, he smiled and walked out. I turned to where he was to watch him leave and all of a sudden he was kissing me. I kissed back of course but I knew I shouldn't be kissing him because again I hardly know him but there's just something about him and his touch that makes me not want to let go. I pulled away and he smiled, I smiled back and with that he turned around and walked away.

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