Annabelle-Rae moves away from Wales with her dad after her parents get divorced, she leaves her friends and her life behind to move to England. What she doesn't know is, moving to England will be the best and worst decision she has ever made. On the first day at her new school, she bumps in a curly haired boy, this will change life forever, and maybe not its not for the best.


1. First Day

Annabelle-Rae P.O.V

"ANNABELLE-RAE," my dad shouted from downstairs "GET UP, YOU'LL BE LATE!" I groaned and rolled out of bed and walked over to my bathroom to shower. I turned the dial to warm, locked the door and stepped in. I stoop there for a few minutes just thinking. Then I realised, it is my first day at a new school and I really wasn't looking forward to it, this is going to be an awful day I can tell. I didn't know anyone. I was different to them. I am Welsh and they are all Irish or English. I am going to stick out like a sore thumb.

You see, I had to move away from Brecon in Wales to Swindon in England because my mum and dad had an argument and decided to get divorced, I choose to go with my dad because well I have always liked my dad more because he let me do more stuff that people my age do, my mum treated me like I was still a baby, but I'm 14. My older  sisters stayed with my mum in Wales but none of them are actually Welsh. Just my dad and I are, I was born there and so was he. My mum and sisters were all born in England. 

I washed my long brown curly hair and my body, rinsed myself and got out to go put on my uniform. The uniform isn't that bad, a white or black polo shirt with the school logo on and a grey jumper also with the logo on. We are allowed to wear black jeans, so I got a pair out of my wardrobe, got some underwear and got dressed. I did my make-up and  dried my hair. I went back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I was finally ready for the worst day of my life. I got my bag and made my way downstairs. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a note on the counter, it was from my dad:

'Anna-Rae, sorry I had to leave early. You were in the shower so I couldn't tell you. Lock the house up when you leave for school, have a nice day. 

Love you, 


I screwed it up and put it in the bin, I got a piece of bread out of the cupboard and put it into the toaster. I got some orange juice and drank it fast. I ate the toast, put t black vans on and walked out the door. I turned around, locked it and started walking to school.

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