Annabelle-Rae moves away from Wales with her dad after her parents get divorced, she leaves her friends and her life behind to move to England. What she doesn't know is, moving to England will be the best and worst decision she has ever made. On the first day at her new school, she bumps in a curly haired boy, this will change life forever, and maybe not its not for the best.


2. A Curly Haired Boy

Annabelle-Rae P.O.V

*20 minutes later* 

I arrive at school and see a sign that says 'Reception' and walk towards it. I see a woman behind the desk and she notices me staring at her. "Hello, do you need some help?" "Um..Yea please. I'm Annabelle-Rae Gwalchmal, I'm new here.." I say kind of awkwardly. She shuffles around the paper on her desk and hands me a piece of paper. "Here, this is your timetable l, there is a map on the back so you don't get lost. Have a good day." She smiles, I smile back. "Thank you."

I walk away looking at the piece of  paper she gave me and ten suddenly I'm knocked to the floor. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I look up to see a really good looking boy, with brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes, I start blushing an say "No, it's not your fault, I should be looking where I'm going." He reaches for my hand and I slowly grab his hand, he pulls me to my feet. "We'll I'm Harry l, what's your name?" "I'm Annabelle-Rae but you can call me Anna-Rae, km new here." He laughs and looks into my eyes. "You have a really nice accent, Welsh right?" I smile, nod and look at the floor. "Do you need any help?" Before he even lets me answer he wanders off. I run after him, "oh, we won't be in any lessons together, you're 2 years below me." He sounds kind of sad. "Oh, we'll that's a bummer." He laughs and we walk in silence to my lesson.  When we get there he says "If you stay here after this lesson, I will come and get you and show you to your next lesson." "Aw, thanks I will, bye." And with that, he's gone.

The lessons after that pass really fast and it's already lunch, Harry is waiting for me again and I walk towards him, he doesn't notice I'm stood there, he's too interested in his iPhone. I stand there for about 5 minutes an then I sneeze ands that's when he realises I'm there. "Oh, hi Anna-Rae, I didn't see you there, lets go to lunch." He says kind of startled. I laugh at him and he blushes. We walk into the hall and he takes me to a bunch of really good looking lads and some really pretty girls. I recognise the girls from somewhere but I don't know where. "Guys, this is Annabelle-Rae, or Anna-Rae for short, she's new here and has no friends." They all laugh apart from the girls and I'm left there blushing looking down at my iPhone as they all continue laughing, except the girls. I have a feeling they don't like me. The boys stop laughing and Harry pulls up a chair for me and I sit down, all the girls stare me for a few seconds then go back to talking amongst themselves. "Anna-Rae," Harry starts pointing at them one at a time "this is Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn,  Jamie, Courtney and Hannah." The boys smile at my showing their perfectly she aight white teeth, the girls stop talking look at me, then carry on talking. They seem like such bitches. An hour passes and all the boys have been doing is asking me questions and complementing me on my accent. The girls just spoke to each other and every now and then they would stop talking, glance over at me, then continue talking. 

The last few lessons go quite fast and when the last bell goes, I walk out of school, get my iPhone and headphones out and listen to music as I start walking home. I only put one headphone in and start listening to This by Ed Sheeran. Then I hear loads of boys talking loudly and shouting my name. I turn around and see the boys, Jamie, Courtney and Hannah walking towards me. "Hey Anna-Rae, do you live near-by?" Louis says staring right into my eyes.


Louis' P.O.V

I got lost in her eyes, their a perfect shade of blue. She's flawless, beautiful.. She's perfect. Oh no, I think I'm falling for her, I can't. No, I'm not falling for anyone again, not after Eleanor.

"Yeah, kinda, it's a 20 minute walk from here.." She looks over at the girls and they are giving her really dirty looks. Why are they looking at her like that? I laugh forgetting about the girls. "That's cool." I smile and she smiles back, her smile fades. "Um.. Im going to go now. Bye." Before any of us can say bye she speeds off.


Anna-Raes P.O.V

"Um.. I'm going to go now. Bye." I walk off as fast as I can. I remember where I know the girls from, they sent me hate on twitter.  

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