Saving the Unkown

The MOSMC (Ministry of Supernatural and Mythical Creatures) is in charge of every single supernatural and mythical creature, from Vampires to Ghosts and Giants to Mermaids. But when the Loch Ness Monster starts attacking Mermaids, which species should they save? And there more to it than first thought?


1. Strange Shadows


The murky water rushed me. It's cold, smooth arms embracing me, twisting and turning me through the waters. I caught a glimpse of a dark shadow out the corner of my eye. It was probably just a pesky fishing boat. They were everywhere these days, clogging up our lake with oil and trash. In between the rocks I saw something sparkly. Swimming towards it I noticed the shadow again. This time bigger and larger. Suddenly I was trapped in darkness, and everything felt cold. It felt strange, like someone was watching you. Before I could turn around my tail was dragged down, and for the first time ever, I felt out of air...

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