The truth about a Celebrity

Harper Indigo Valentine is the daughter of two reality show superstars, Kammi Cabasco and Reece Valentine. Being reality show superstars, her life is full of adventure and drama as her parents experience splitsville and back again.When she's not busy being interrogated by news presenters or shooting for the camera, she loves being a normal person.

But something isn't right. Drama between Kammi and Reece have gone too far and they are soon addressed as a flop - as parents, as actors, as looking after themselves. Soon, Harper finds herself in a situation that no teenage girl could get out of.

So can the blond haired newspaper boy who falls into Harper's world help her?


1. Dreaming Reality

 In 5, 4, 3, 2...

This is my life.

My name is Harper Valentine, and I'm the daughter of two reality show stars. You could say I'm lucky, but I'd say it's embarrassing. With a name like Harper, and a body like mine, you'd find me no-where near TV.

Sometimes, I just wish I could be a normal girl, away from all the hassles of reality show life. My parents are stars if an original reality show, called 'Be My Valentine', which is basically about their love life. If you ask me, the show completely exaggerates real life. In the show - my parents live with each other and argue frequently ; in real life - they live their own lives separately and get along like people on the street.

 There's no way I'd ever take over the reality show, cause I'd never get a boyfriend or anything like that. Actually, I'm not that popular at school, though I am kinda famous. The reality show isn't going so well, that's probably why.

 Recently people have been protesting that my mum isn't a good parent. I've almost ended up in care, and everyone knows that the council are going to try it again. Sometimes, life takes you on adventures that you can never imagine.

 The reality show is still filming. I look at the camera and pull a fake smile, while my mum prances around the kitchen, looking up into the camera.

 Somehow, I don't feel in place.





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