One Direction Imagines!!<3

I'm doing this because i love making people happy and i would like to make imagines for people who ask!<3


2. Yahaira and Harry

Being Liam Payne's sister is hard. You have to deal with crazed fans, paps, and even haters. Liam is very protective of you, which he has to be, you're his everything. Today was your big day. You were finally going to meet the guys. They were going to be recording the video for Best Song Ever. Liam didn't know this, but you had the biggest crush on Harry. 

You two were on your way to the studio where you were going to be filming, and Liam was talking to you the whole way, making up stupid rules. 

"Yahaira, you will be on your best behavior, got it?" Liam asked. He knew you were shy and didn't like being the center of attention, so he was just teasing you. You rolled your eyes and when you got to the studio, your heart started to race. You held Liam's hand as you walked into the room where the others were. Your eyes landed on Harry, who was shirtless, talking to the director. "Yahairaa, why are you blushing?" Liam asked, making you blush more. 

You shook your head, and Liam basically pulled you over to Harry. "So, you must be Liam's beautiful sister." He said smiling at you. You blushed and nodded. You were never good around people you liked. "Haz, watch her while I go get changed?" Liam asked. Harry nodded. You two sat together, and you warmed up to him fast. Harry wasn't the womanizer that the media said he was. He was a sweet young lad from Cheshire. 

"So, you like anyone yet?" Harry asked you. You immediately blushed and shrugged. "I do too." Harry said, getting the hint. "We'll say it together on 3. 1...2...3!!" You both shouted, "You!" at the same time. You both were blushing and smiling. "I'm glad I got that out." you said. Harry nodded. "Me too." 

Liam walked over in his Leeroy costume, making you laugh. "Say your line!" Harry said smiling. Liam sighed and said his line. "Zayn pirouette, Louis to the splits, Niall for the shimmy, and Liam stay right where you are because you are per-fect!" Liam said smiling. His line sent you and Harry into a fit of laughter. Your laughter died down and Liam had gone to record his bit. Harry looked at you. "Yahaira, will you be my girlfriend?" he said suddenly. You were shocked, but could only say one word:


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