The Little Things *Complete*

*Sequel to WMYB* Rosie is having the time of her life living with Harry and her dog Snowflake. All's going well, Rosie and her best friend, Emily, even get to go on the 2013 tour with the One Direction boys. But halfway through the tour, Harry finds out something about Rosie. It might ruin their relationship forever, and that's something no one wants. Can Rosie fix things before it's too late?


5. Talking To My Mum

*A Few Hours Later*

We made it to the house just in time to have lunch with the family. Then we opened our presents. I got gloves, coloring books, crayons, markers, and a new easel. The presents make me smile; they came from my sisters and mums heart and that's all that matters. Though, they were pretty good gifts. Right now my youngest sisters, Daisy and Phoebe, are talking Harry's ear off, but her doesn't seem bothered. Louis left a few minutes ago with our step dad to go shopping with our dad. Of the subject, I'm Louis' full brother. Not half or step; just to make it clear. Anyways, I've been talking to my mum; catching up on everything. "You look so big," my mum says.

"I've grown a tad since last Christmas."

"I'm so proud of you and your brother."

"He's the one who gets the spotlight."

"You work for Simon, though. You must be known by quite a few people."

"Yeah, but not as much as Lou."

"You have a lot of Twitter followers."

"I guess. But it's thanks to the boys. If they wouldn't have been signed as a band; I don't think I would have stayed with Simon. No motivation."

"That's sweet."

"Thanks, mum."

"So, how are you and Harry?"

"Great. He's the one, mum," I glance over at him.

"Louis approves?"

"Surprisingly, yes. He wants us to get married ASAP."

"Are you."

"Of course not, mum. We're waiting a little longer. Maybe when I'm twenty."

"We can all wait that long."

"I'm back!" Louis' voice fills my ears, and the room for that matter.

"Hello Lou," my mum says.

"Dad's gonna put the groceries away. Everyone put your snow gear on. I want to play outside!"

"Yay!" Daisy and Phoebe shout. Then the next few minutes are hectic. People running around. Harry and I run to my old and change quickly. Then we go back to the living room. We wait until everyone's back and then Lou herds us outside. Let the fun begin.

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