The Little Things *Complete*

*Sequel to WMYB* Rosie is having the time of her life living with Harry and her dog Snowflake. All's going well, Rosie and her best friend, Emily, even get to go on the 2013 tour with the One Direction boys. But halfway through the tour, Harry finds out something about Rosie. It might ruin their relationship forever, and that's something no one wants. Can Rosie fix things before it's too late?


14. Rory

*Day Before Tour Begins*

"I'm glad we could meet up before I went on tour with the boys," I tell Rory.

"Yeah. The last time was just before Christmas," Rory smiles. "So, how are you and Harry?"

"Great. He's the one. I can just feel it."

"Well that's good that you found a man you truly love."

I smile, "It really is. So, have you found anyone?"

He gives out a nervous laugh, "Me and this girl have been hanging out a few nights in the past few weeks."

"Aw, Rory has a girlfriend. Is she pretty?"

"Yeah, she is. Very pretty."

"Of course she is. Any pretty girl would defiantly go for you."

"You calling me cute? Or hot?"

"You are handsome. Let's leave it at that."

"Okay, whatever you say. So, how's drawing?"

"Amazing. I've got a ton of ideas. Some just for myself, others for posters. Some of the boys, and even their girlfriends, want me to draw them something. So many requests. I'll never get them done."

"You will. Do you have the requests written down?"

"Of course."

"Now just make sure that list keeps getting smaller and not bigger."

We continue to talk for a little while longer. Then I stand up, "It's getting late, and Harry will be home soon. It was good seeing you again."

Rory stands up and brings me into a hug, "I think after today, we cut our ties.

I push him away, "Why?"

"I'm moving. Also, I've done something horrible. That you'll never forgive me for."

"Rory," I choke out. "What did you do?"

"Bye Rose. I'll call every once in a while, maybe. Don't count on it though." Then he walks out of the coffee shop. Leaving me standing there utterly confused.

"What?" I whisper to myself. What did he do? When will I find out about it? Will I really not be able to forgive him?

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