The Little Things *Complete*

*Sequel to WMYB* Rosie is having the time of her life living with Harry and her dog Snowflake. All's going well, Rosie and her best friend, Emily, even get to go on the 2013 tour with the One Direction boys. But halfway through the tour, Harry finds out something about Rosie. It might ruin their relationship forever, and that's something no one wants. Can Rosie fix things before it's too late?


8. A Tad Drunk

*A Few Hours Later*

I wake up suddenly when I hear someone stumbles into the room. Harry; has to be Harry. From the noise he's making, I have no clue what's he's doing. Also, I can hear him murmuring things. Then I hear, "Hi baby."

I ignore him because I'm too tired and don't have the strength to open my eyes.

"Baby?" I hear again. Then silence.

I open my eyes a tad and see a frowning Styles. "Harry, please. Hun, I'm tired?"

Seconds later, I feel Harry's curls on my neck. I hold in my laughter. "I love you a lot," the alcohol on his breath is strong. Then he starts giggling. "Cuddle with me," he says in a sad voice. "Please cuddle with me."

I let out a small laugh and wrap my arms around him. "Now go to sleep."

He snuggles into me, "I love you."

"I love you too, Harry," I close my eyes. "Goodnight," I kiss his forehead.


*The Next Morning*

I wake up and hear Harry whispering to me. "Babe, wake up. Are you awake?" He gives me a little shake. I open my eyes slowly and see his smiling face. "Yay, you're awake."

I smile, "What do you want?"

"I want to see your smile," he smiles.

"Well, there you go," I poke his dimple. 

"You're so adorable."

"Do you feel okay, you look a little pale."

"No," he jumps out of the bed. "Be right back," he runs into the bathroom.

"My poor baby," I shake my head. "Not so much next time," I call to him.


Sorry it's short. I have really bad writer's block, so if I don't post on here for a while, that's the reason. I'm trying all the tricks I know to get rid of the block. Nothing's working. So bare with me.  

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