Forbidden Love

This movella is about a young, 13 year old girl named Dawn who is a huge directioner. Dawn meets 19 year old Harry Styles under peculiar circumstances. This is a story of how The Harry Styles fell in love with this mysterious, dark haired girl. They fought against what everybody thought and orders for them to be apart... Could they make this unlikely relationship work?


1. Tickets

Dawn's P.O.V


I screamed and cheered wildly for the boys as they bounded enthusiastically on stage. But then again, so did a million other girls. I was pretty tall, so that was the advantage, but i felt really sorry for the short 6 year old kid standing next to me. I picked her up hesitantly, looking at her mum for approval, and sat her atop my shoulders. The cute girl cheered and bounced up and down with my hair in her grip, making me wince. Suddenly, all attention was diverted to me as Harry Styles winked at me from the stage. I gaped in astonishment. Okay dawn, calm down. He probably did that every day. EEK! Fangirling. Suddenly, a hairy man shoved past me, forcing me to trip and me and the kid to fall. 

The girl began crying whilst her mother shot me a dirty look. I stood up, beginning to apologise, when the man pushed me again. i found myself backed up against the wall, cornered. The man leered at me, obviously drunk.

"Hey Sweetie." He slurred. "You lost?"

"N-no! Get away from me!" I tried to duck under his arm, but he gripped me tightly at the throat and slammed me to the wall. I began to choke, puffing for air. Air. cant. breathe. I struggled to break free, but the man continued to tighten his grip. That's it. I thought. i was going to die, here today of all days, at a one direction concert.

Suddenly, a fist appeared out of nowhere and punched the man that was choking me. He released his grip, causing me to to collapse to the floor, still gasping for air. The cowardly man hurried away and my hero turned to me. He had a dark hood on, making me unable to see his face. 

"Come on." he said in a concerned voice. "We need to get you inside." 

Nobody really noticed, but the man scanned a card at a nearby door and pulled me in, causing girls to try and get past too. Hmm. whoever he was must be pretty important to have access to backstage. I panted and coughed wildly, recovering slowly. The strange hooded man pushed me down onto a sofa gently. 

"I'll get water." he said to me. why does his voice seem so familiar? Do i know him from somewhere? I was too dizzy to concentrate. I tried to stand up, and immediately another rush of dizzyness arrived, making me clutch a nearby table. I held up my hand to my head, and the next thing i knew, i was falling and the strange guy was rushing towards me. His hood fell back as he lunged for me, and then i saw his face.

"You gotta be kidding me.." I murmured. "Harry Styles." I hit the floor with a loud thump, and then everything went black.


Author's note

Sorry guys, it was a really short chapter, i really don't have time... but i will update as soon as i possible can and if you guys want to be in the story at some stage with a boy, comment!! Please also tell me what you think of this fanfic so i can aim to make it better! 

Comment your name, age and with what boy. Thanks guys! Kisses xx

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