Lyrical Remedy

Hazel Belle has only one cure to her problems...her many many problems. Life is tough for her, everyone in her life only comes and goes. No one truly stays by her side, they all leave sooner or later. School is hell for her she wakes up every morning prepared to have the mocking words pelted at her one after the other like bullets to the core of her heart, but somehow things slowly start to brighten up for Hazel. Music is her lifeline. Music is her remedy. Music is her cure. Music is happiness. Music is her comforter, her one thing that can talk to her. The lyrics are the answer to her problems. The rhythm is the flow to her life and the solo parts are where life isolates you and leaves you to fight for yourself. Something she has needed to do a lot. Kale is her bully the shepherd of the flock of haters, but he has a reason, what is it? And will he ever recognize how much he is REALLY hurting Hazel?


8. Forgetting

Chapter 6

Kales pov

" knew James?" I finally spoke up when we both managed to stop sobbing so loudly,

"He...he never told you?" She managed to whisper out, I sat upright, what hadn't James told me? He tells me everything,

"Told me what?"

"Him and...and my sister, they were going out, they had been going out for over 2 years but didn't tell anyone because they knew it would cause too much drama and they didn't want their parents to know. That's why that day that...that the incident happened the two cars were one behind the other because they both said they needed to go back to school for a workshop that they were doing for Chemistry when it was really their 25 month anniversary and just wanted to spend it together... Well that's what Aubrey told me before she left the house, I still remember her last words were 'take care Hazel'" She let out a light giggle before finally continuing, "'And don't make too many stupid decisions' typical Hazel, that's all she said before giving me a hug and walking out the door with my parents, little did I know that was going to be the last time I saw her... The last time I felt her comforting arms around me... The last time I would hear her perfect voice..." She was now sobbing again and I felt a tear roll down my cheek,

"Aubrey?" Was all I managed to choke out,

"Yea, my sister" where had I heard that name before?

"...Aubrey...Aubrey," I said repeating the name over and over hoping that maybe somehow it will jog my memory and it worked, "...ReyRey..." I remembered now. ReyRey was the nickname James had for what he said was his perfect girl, A.K.A Aubrey. I used to always cover for him when he went out on dates and he would always return as happy as ever telling me how funny, sweet and perfect she was. I let out a light chuckle and Hazel looked up at me with furrowed eyes, "Your the hot little sister..." She looked at me wondering what I was talking about and I just realised what I had just said. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks and a smirk begin to play at the corner of Hazel's lips "James used to always say he could hook me up with ReyRey's hot little sister" I quickly said before she could think I meant something else,

"...makes sense" she said with a wink, I laughed at how cute she was. Wait what? Did I just call Hazel Belle my number one enemy... cute? Woah what is happening to me?

"To be honest I was quite fond of you" No. I didn't just say that, yes it was true but why did she need to know that? I saw her cheeks go a light shade of crimson and that made up for it. "Hold on, I'll be right back" I began to stand up but she had a tight grip on the hem of my shirt, "I'll be quick, I promise" I reassured her, she slowly let go and I stood up and walked back to class, first period was about to finish in a few minutes. I asked Mr Ives if he could talk to the principal and excuse us from taking class for the next two periods, he said sure since he saw the state that Hazel was in before and I'm sure I had still tear stains on my face. Our school wasn't that strict on these type of things as long as we took our exams and didn't cause too much havoc in class then they really didn't care.

I returned as fast as I could back to where Hazel was sitting and saw her there her heard laid back leaning on the lockers and she hugging her knees to her chest with earphones in her ears, I was about to walk over towards her when I heard her gently singing, ' 

'Never forget you' by Mariah Carey

'I won't see your smile 

And I won't hear you 

Laugh anymore 

Every night 

I won't see you 

Walk through that door

Cause time wasn't on 

Your side 

It isn't right 

I can't say I love you 

It's too late to 

Tell you 

But I really need 

You to know

No, I'll never forget you 

I'll never let you out of my heart 

You will always be here with me 

I'll hold on to the memories baby

Baby can you hear me 

Wherever you 

May be tonight 

Are you near me 

I need you to be by 

My side

Cause I never..'

She stopped mid sentence when she noticed me standing there listening to her sing and went a scarlet shade. Her voice. I had never heard anything like it. It was so angelic yet so soothing at the same time.

"I-I'm one was supposed to hear me sing... I can't believe that you hea-" she began to speak but I interrupted her,

"Your voice.'s amazing. I've never heard anything like it, Hazel you truly have a talent " I budded in and she looked at me wide eyed only going a darker shade of red, "Hazel for the next two hours can we forget about everything we have done to each other, forget our past and just try be happy, for us and for our siblings?" I gave her my hand hoping she will accept it and what I just said, she looked hesitant at first but finally took it saying,

"Sure, I'm sure that's what James and Aubrey would do,"  

I helped her up and she dusted herself off and began to walk when she stopped in her tracks and looked me in the eyes. I looked at her in confusion but she spoke,

"Kale...thank you..."


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Never forget you by Mariah Carey 

Wings by Malckemore

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