Who i am

A girl gets fostered by Harry and Anna. Very sad and a loving story


2. There already

They took me to a care home and when I got there, their was someone familiar. He was 5 now. But I asked him for his surname and it WAS JACOB! IT REALLY WAS JACOB. I hugged him. “You’re Jacob right?” I asked similing. “How did you know?” he asked. “Because I’m your sister!” I shouted. I hugged him tightly. He had exactly the same story as I had. He hugged me to. When I got there I was ALREADY FOSTERED. “No! I’m not going with anyone. I’m not leaving my brother here!” I shouted. “Your brother you say? Who’s that eh?” they asked. “His names Jacob.” I whispered. A family of 2 a son and a mum wanted to foster me. The son was called Harry? And the mum was called Anna. I wasn’t going to call her mum EVER! They told me I had to go because Jacob was getting fostered too, but they promised I could visit him every week or month. I followed Harry and Anna into their car. But when they went in I just stared at the car. I looked back at the care home and sadly faked a smile. I could tell my beady blue eyes was turning golden brown. I could sense my straight blonde hair was turning blacker and curlier. My face was going red. And this is exactly was happened to Jacob. His car was opposite mine. I just looked at him and waved. He waved back. He cried. His new house was north whereas my house was in the South. “Come in darling” Anna said. I opened the car door and sat up. I closed it staring through the window looking at the care house. I went to the other side and watched Jacob’s car go away. A tear went down as I went the other way and done my seatbelt. My legs and arms were tanned and My face was so pale. My freckles went itchy and my small red lips went dry. My long blonde hair went pitch black in the night. Anna whispered to Harry some stuff, So I couldn’t understand. “Well we’re hear Lianna.” Harry said trying to lighten up the mood. I didn’t say anything. But I did know that I had a singing sweet high pitched voice. Everyone said that. I didn’t know how old anyone was. I followed Anna and Harry inside the house. It was so big! It was like a mansion!

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