3. chapter 2

I pulled my stake out of the figures spine and picked up the knife in which had fell out of his pocket in his attempt to pull me off of himself. I handed the knife to my brother as I pulled him of the floor, He gave me a scared look which told me what he was about to ask and in a silent approach to reply I simply nodded.


Returning to our still surrounded house we pulled out our weapons and ran towards the crowd; As we ran through the crowd, I threw the stake through several attackers; pulling out there hearts from the speed of the stake.I pulled myself through the door and grabbed my brother’s hand and pulled him through the door as a figure sank his teeth into my brother’s leg; I slammed the front door into the figures faces.                                                                                                                                           “What’s that all about” my brother, Harlan, asked                                                                                     “I have no idea” I replied, images of my parents dead bodies floating on the river came flooding back and the emotions with it forced me to let out a horrifying scream for help.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Harlan’s face turned a funny shade of purple as I reminded him of today’s unfortunate events; my parents deaths reminded him of a car crash our aunt and uncle were in with him in their car.

“we should report them, mom and dad, missing and let the police find them” Harlan suggested,  “if we say that we were hunting those things they will take us to court on suspicion of murder”

“on that subject we should get the body’s of the ‘things’ and burn them in the garden all the others that survived will have gone by now because its sunrise”

Harlan swung the door open and ran out into the lawn and started dragging the bodies through our house onto the garden while I started a fire.

As we threw the last body onto the fire there was a knock at the door, the police had arrived or to our hope it would be our parents returning.

“May we come in” asked the first of the officers, “we have some news to tell you”

“Yeah of course right through there” I relied pointing to the lounge door, “Harlan put the kettle on we have company”


As I walked into the living room carrying the cups of tea i noticed that the officers had moved some stuff into the room, “What is this? What is going on?”

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