2. chapter 1

I ran out of the house across the lawn, staking one of them as I went, forcing my way through the crowd.

As I looked back I could see my brother and parents right behind me. We ran and ran until we were at the edge of town and onto the Forest End Bridge but even there we weren't safe so I kept running through the trees of the town forest, the touch of damp foliage on my bare feet as I pushed my way through the green blurs of trees that kept going as far as the eye could see, the smell of sap grew ever stronger as the trees got closer and higher.

The sound of a women screaming pulled me to a halt in the clearing that lies in the middle of the woods. My bare feet soaking in the early morning dew, my pajamas shredded from the thorns, I turned around and headed back to Forest End Bridge hoping not to find anything upsetting.

Pushing my way back through the trees and falling on to the concrete bridge, where my brother sat shaking as a man slowly walked to him head dropped, my grip on the stake got stronger as the man got closer to my brother.                                                                                                                                                                

I jumped up and ran towards the figure, stabbing the stake through his spine and into his heart, pulling it out and repeating the movement several times. Letting go of the figure he dropped to the floor, I looked at my brother who was shaking more hysterically and pointing at the river.

I looked over the bridge to see to my horror the bodies of my parents floating on the river, the smell of blood lingering in the air and the echo of my mum’s screams carrying on in the shadows of the forest.

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