irish love

this is my first story so please no hate


1. Birthday Girl

 Kayles pov (pronounced kay-lee's)

today is my birthday and im turning 19 yay my family is coming over including my cousin Harry. Yes i know what you are thinking and yes he is harry styles. He is bringing the band so i better take down all my posters. 


suddenly i heard a doorbell. They are here!. I went down to the door and opened it. "KAYLE" harry yelled and came to hug me "HARRY right back at ya." while i was hugging him i quickly grabbed his wallet and phone and held them up in front of his face the boys saw what i did and chuckled silently. "kayle give them back" he said trying to be scary. "never" i said cheekily and ran of. i could here him running behind me. then i couldnt here him hmm i think i lost him. suddenly i felt huge arms wrap around my waist and carry me to the living room.

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