The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


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I woke up still in Harry's arms... He was so warm. It felt so right being in his arms... I felt his breathing hitch and felt him stretching behind me. I smile to myself opening my eyes. "Morning" He said with his sexy morning voice... Oh my gosh.

"Morning" I said as his grip got tighter around my waist.

"How'd you sleep" He asked

"Perfectly" I said smiling I could feel him smiling.

"Yeh, It was perfect wasn't it" He said before kissing the back of my head.

We just lay there for 5 minutes without speaking.

"Do we have to go back today?" we heard Niall in the other room.

"Yes we do, our tour starts again in three days!" Liam spoke

my eyes widened and my heart stopped. (Not literally) I felt Harry's body tense up.

"Shit" He whispered

I mean I knew that he'd have to go back on tour I never realised it would be so quickly though! I had to sit up...

"Zo, I swear I forgot.." Harry began grabbing onto my hand gently but I cut him off

"Harry, I don't mind. I'm not one of those girls who'll make you feel bad about going on tour and I never will!" I reassured him "Honestly Haz I'm fine" I said smiling at him....

"You are amazing..." He said slowly leaning in for a kiss

I did aswell, I swear when our lips touched fireworks went off....

I pulled away and hugged him before getting up to go get changed. Today it was quite cold so i went for a black skirt a singlet and a purple baggy long sleeved top. And then threw on some white hightops.

When I stepped outside I saw something I wasn't expecting. Niall and Sash... Kissing.

Wait. I thought he was with that Irish girl!? Crap. What do I do? do I tell someone or do I keep it secret?

I'll just pretend it didn't happen.... I'm sure they'd have an excuse or something. I walked back into the caravan and bumped into Eleanor she just giggled until she saw my face.

"Are you ok? You look like you've just seen a ghost" She asked

"Yeh I'm fine, just not feeling well" I lied.

"Ok... just know you can talk to me about anything.. ok?" she said in a serious tone

"Yeh... Thanks El" I said smiling

She was so nice! I don't know how anyone could hate her... honestly. She was so pretty and perfect. Not like a barbie perfect like naturally perfect in every way. Body, Looks And personality. I was so happy we were friends.  

"Wanna go outside?" She asked

"Yeh, I think I need some fresh air..."

As we stepped outside Sash and Niall had finished their make out session. Thank god

but they were sitting in the sand laughing together.... Ok I needed to talk to her about this. If she ruined Niall's relationship the fans would rip her to shreads... and I personally like my friends to be whole. But I'd wait for the right moment... like when we were back home in the house.... Oh Yay! When we get home my family will be back... well Mum and Dad probably won't be there.... or Ethan... but hey.. family is family! I guess.

Then I remembered, I'm going to be doing the movie for all of next year. And Harry will be touring. We will hardly see each other. How will we make it work? Well Perrie and Zayn can make it work so we could. Just, we'd have to compare schedules and things like that. You know what's worse. I've only known him for a small while yet I'm in love with him.


A/N - Hey Guys! Hope you like the story so far! Again sorry for the sucky chapter but soon the drama will kick in :) kk Byeeeeee xxx

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