The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


20. Water wars

Harry and I walked back to the camp along the shore hand in hand... This was truly turning out to be the best day ever!

When Harry and I arrived back there were a few wolf whistles and clapping!
I sat next to Harry and Renee...

"This was the only exception to keeping a secret!" I whispered to Sasha and Amber who were grinning.

They just laughed. For the rest of the night we roasted marshmallows and smores! We stayed outside until 11 and then went inside... Perrie, Zayn, Amber, Niall and Louis went to sleep while the rest of us curled up and watched paranormal activity 1. After watching an hour of pure horror we all decided to go to sleep.

I woke up to Niall and Louis "Singing" good morning to everyone... There were moans and groans ( not like that! ). El was the first out of the room... She began making everyone tea and coffee while Louis and Harry went to make breakfast; Eggs and bacon! YUM! I quickly went to get changed "Oh and get into your swimming gear on guys!" Louis called

I quickly got into my aztec print bikini and put a batman tanktop on top with a pair of tribal print board shorts on and went outside. When I went outside breakfast was ready. I sat next to Harry and began eating...

"So Lou, what are we doing today?" Perrie asked as everyone finished off their food.

"Today we are doing Water wars!" Everyone gave a confused look

"Let me explain" Louis said disappearing behind the caravan, soon returning with water guns and water balloons only one was fulled and in a split second It was thrown at Harry. Harry laughed and got up to chase Louis.

Eventually Niall stood up and separated them.

We then got into our teams and. it. was. war.

The boys in my team started to build sand shields which failed due to the other team shooting them with the waterguns. While everyone was shooting each other I was with a watergun hiding in the bushes and it was going well until I felt water shoot down my back I turned around to see Harry with a watergun smirking...  I quickly got up and ran away trying to get away but he was too fast... But soon his gun ran out, now was my turn. I started to shoot him and he started running away.

I continued to squirt him (Ugh this chapters going to be full of sentences that sound wrong but just try to ignore them:P). my water gun was bigger than his and had more water, he soon stopped and surrendered getting on his knees (Again not trying to sound wrong). Me being super gullible I agreed put my gun down. big mistake. He threw me over his shoulder carrying me to the water I was now giggling like crazy but then soon stopped as we were coming into the water... "You. wouldn't. Dare!" I shouted at Harry

"Oh wouldn't I?" he said and soon dunked himself and I into the water. I grabbed onto his neck as he pulled us both up. I shook my head getting my hair out of my face and splashed him.

"What was that for?!" I asked him giggling

"I ALWAYS win" he said as he winked at me

I rolled my eyes and next thing I know the whole gang was swimming next to us... We stayed outside snacking on ice-cream and chips until about 5 oclock when we all decided to hang around the fire still in our wet swimming stuff but with towels....  We all must have been thinking at the same time because it was silence... Until Niall started speaking "So.... that was fun" We all laughed and chatted until it was 6 and the sun was setting. Tonight Niall and Zayn were cooking for us... We were having burgers. It took them 20 minutes until they were finished cooking and we were eating. "So guys we still have so much to know about each other!" Perrie said. We all kinda nodded and decided we were going to play a game.

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