The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


8. Spiderman and Barbie

“So Zoe what movie do you want to see?”

“The Conjuring?”

“Awesome choice….”


We drove to the Mall and went to the cinemas. Luckily not many people were here either so Harry wasn’t recognised that much… A few girls stared at him unsure but they just resumed with whatever they were doing.

We got to the Movies,


“Two tickets for The Conjuring please” Harry asked

“Sure thing would you like popcorn or drinks?”

“Yes, a large popcorn a raspberry slurpee and a …” He left a gap for me to order “Lime slurpee please”

“So two tickets, one large popcorn, 2 Slurpees one Lime one Raspberry? Is that all for today?”

“Unless you want anything else?” He said looking at me… “No thanks, I’m good” I said smiling

“Yep that’s it thanks”

“That’ll be 56.80 thanks”

 Harry swiped his card and I felt guilty that he was paying for everything!

“Here are your tickets seats G-13 and 14, cinema 3” She said handing me our tickets, After about three minutes they handed Harry the Popcorn and the Slurpees I offered to help but he said he was fine… We went to our cinema and sat in our seats just in time for the trailers… My favourite part about the movies! There was a trailer for “Jobs” With Ashton Kutcher which looked pretty good! Then there was one for Kick-Ass 2 which looked good! I am not really a girly girl but I’m not a tomboy!  I guess growing up with my older brother has something to do with it! When I was little I used to marry my spider-man toy with my Barbie then after their wedding they would go and save the world from Batman and an evil Bratz doll.

Anyway back to the movies there were a few more trailers and some of them Harry and I both said we wanted to go and see… Then the ‘This Is Us’ movie trailer came on and a few girls behind us were screaming! “Oh my gosh!” one of them whispered (Loudly!)

“I know! I hope there is a lot of Harry and Niall being topless!” I Giggled at this comment… Harry smiled slightly giggling too

The girls behind us fangirled for the rest of the Trailers and they went quiet as the movie started. The starting was a bit scary… but I just distracted myself by eating my popcorn and shutting my ears which was easy seeing as we were wearing 3D glasses. But Harry must have noticed...

“Don’t be scared love” He said putting his arm around me pulling me closer into him… I wasn’t complaining one bit… It felt… Perfect… Crap… I’m in love aren’t I? Well how couldn’t you be… He made you feel special, loved, like you and him were the only people on this Earth! I wanted him to be my Spiderman, and me to be his Barbie… except less plastic and blonde… Harry was amazing… We held the same position the entire movie each having a free hand to grab some popcorn or our slurpees. It was truly amazing! By the end I was a bit scared but I didn’t take too much notice because I had just spent the day with Spiderman! I loved him… I was in love with Harry Styles!

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