The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


16. Shopping

~Harry's POV~

I could see that Zo was starting to worry about me... so I started to relax a bit... I needed to tell her how I felt... I so desperately wanted her to be my girlfriend... I just needed the right time and place... Well maybe I could ask her at the supermarket? Not the nicest place but it's still worth a shot... right? Anyways we got to the supermarket and got an isle each As we got into twos I grabbed Zoe before Sasha or Amber could... We got isle 4 - Lollies/Soda/Crisps

We got out our shopping list and saw what we needed to get... there was quite a lot but then again this had to last us 4 more days so we had to get

'3x Fizzy
2x Popcorn
4x Crisps
3x Chocolate

2x Marshmellows
2x Party Mix
3x Trail Mix'

We went to our isle... and I tried to walk slowly so that I could get the ball rolling with Zo 

"So Zo... you enjoying yourself so far?"

"Yeh it's been amazing! I can't believe that Amber is coming with us... I still can't get over how much of a coincidence that is!" She said excited

"Yeh that's pretty funny..."

"Yeh... And I am having so much fun with the boys and El and Pez... It's been amazing... I can't thank you enough for all of this..." She said grabbing some Doritos`

"Well you're welcome... thank you for coming" She smiled at me and then carried on she soon got some fizzy and the popcorn... She got the chocolate, party mix and trail mix now all was left was the marshmallows... They were on a high shelf (Thankfully) and she was too short to get them... She tried to get them but I came up behind her and reached and got them... I grabbed some and then gave them to her... "Thanks" she said quietly.

"Hey Zo... I have been thinking and I-"

"Are you two ready yet?!!!" Niall shouted as he rushed passed us riding on a trolly...

"Yep!" Zoe called back starting to go towards him...
As we got to the others Niall looked in our basket..."I need to inspect what we have here... Doritos? Good choice... Pepsi, good good... Chocolate's good, Lollies and trail mix... good and marshmallows... right you've passed"

"Haha Great to know" Zoe joked

Louis looked at his watch "Wooow we should start heading..." We payed for the food and went on with the trip...

~Zoe's POV~

We got into the caravan and started to watch another movie "The ring" I wasn't really paying attention anyway... What was Harry going to say... was he about to ask me out? Nah he wouldn't.... but then again... anythings possible.... ;)

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