The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


23. Sand and Games

*Zoe's POV*

After us girls finished cooking bacon and eggs we called everyone together to get the food before Niall ate it all.  Harry sat next to me with a smile looking at me then behind me. I turned around to see that Niall and Sash were talking and laughing together. Hmmm maybe I was wrong about last night, I mean she seems fine....

*Sasha's POV*

-Back sitting by water thinking-

I was still thinking about Josh when I felt a cold drizzle of water pour down my back... "Oh my gosh!" I screamed jumping up and turning so I could see the person who had done this to me... It was Niall.

"What was that for?" I Said slapping him arm playfully, he however couldn't reply as he found this hilarious and was laughing I started to walk away to go change my shirt when he gripped onto my arm. I gasped surprised by his action.

"Sash, are we good?"

"Yeh, why wouldn't we be?" I asked hiding the true feelings I felt

"I don't know you just seem to be sad..."

"Niall, I am fine ok?" I said fake smiling reassuring him

"Good..." He said sounding relieved "Oh and Sash?"

"Yeh" I answered

"Nice Ice-creams" He said smiling to himself as he walked to the group who were now starting to cook breakfast. Nice ice-creams? What was he on about?

Anyways I continued to walk to the caravan and went to the bedroom. Making sure no one was in the room I began to get changed into some shorts and a floral top. I then looked in the mirror noticing my soaking wet white t-shirt, that you could now see my...

Ice-cream patterned bra. Crap. I laughed to myself as I quickly got changed.

Once I got outside I grabbed some food and sat down Nial soon joined me and we were soon chatting and laughing together...


*Zoe's POV*

I had finished my breakfast and so had the rest of the group, then it went really quiet

"So, anyone up for a swim?" I asked standing up collecting up dirty plates.

"Me!" Sash says, standing up soon the whole gang is up getting prepared for the water.

I get in the caravan and put on my white bikini with navy blue anchors on and then step outside once I do Harry stares at me looking up and down, he must have been day dreaming.

"Take a picture it lasts longer" I say he snaps out of it and walks over to me putting his arm around my waist.

"So Zo, you never told me about your tattoo" he said looking down at my ankle where there was a tattoo of a elephant. It was only a small one. Memories of the tattoo fluttered through my head...

"When I was in Africa we went on a week safari trip and on the first day we found a baby elephant deserted. It had a scar that looked like a T so I named it Tammie. Tammie followed us everywhere so we decided to lead her to her family, well actually just some other elephants. It was so amazing she ran straight to her Mother and they hooked their trunks and it was so cute... Everyday we went back to check on her and she looked so happy! I was only 6 but I remember all of it... I wonder if she's alive..........anyways let's go!" I said running into the water splashing Harry

He ran in afterwards and hugged me from behind and dunked us both under the water.

Once we reached the surface I splashed him again he just laughed and hugged me this time from the front he lightly kissed my forehead. I looked into his eyes... oh my gosh my body could have melted by looking into those green eyes. This moment was perfect...

"Oyy you two! Are you gonna come join us or what?!" Niall shouted at us... he seemed to do this a lot...

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