The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


11. Road trip!



We woke up at 6:00 in the morning.

We both got up, Each had a shower, Got dressed, did our make-up and got packed, I packed Clothes, Soap, Some girly things just encase, a towel, food and some things to keep us entertained ( pack of cards, scary movies, my phone). So not too much stuff because I didn’t want my bag to be too heavy.

Sash was basically packed already but she just got rid of some of her things and replaced them with food and a towel.

We went down with our bags and had some hot chocolate.

By the time we were finished drinking it was 7:53.

My phone buzzed

Harry x: ‘On way now’

Me: ‘awesome. x’

I went into my Mum’s room.

“Hey Mum we’re leaving now”

“Have an awesome time darling” She said half asleep.

“I will, I’ll try texting you, love you”

“love you too, now go have fun!”

I ran into the lounge where I saw Harry and Liam helping with our bags already. “Hi love” Harry said pulling me into a hug. “Hi” I said

“So are you two ready for our road trip?” Liam asked us

“yep” Sash answered

 The boys carried out our bags to the big caravan.

 Where everyone was. “El and Pez this is Zoe and Sash.”

“Hi” I said as Eleanor hugged me

Then Perrie. “So what’s our route” Perrie asked Louis.

“Ok, so we’re gonna drive past Starbucks grab some drinks and food, then supermarket, then we’re going to be driving passed Paris and pick up one of El’s Model friends, then we’ll be making a few stops to get heaps of food and other things then we’ll be going to a small camping ground near a beach and spend 3 days there and then coming back we’ll just reverse it…” Louis explained

“Oh, and there are 6 beds and 2 couches”


“So is everyone sure they’re ready?”

Everyone said yes and we loaded into the caravan.

Louis was driving and Niall was shotgun but that was a different room to where everyone else was the 7 of us were in the lounge bit. I was sitting in-between Harry and Sash and everyone was making conversation.

Then we stopped in front of Starbucks.

“I’m taking orders now…” Louis said pulling a piece of paper

“Caramel Latte” Eleanor said first

“Same” Perrie Seconded

“Just a coffee” Zayn said

“Yep a coffee thanks” Liam said

“Yep same mate” Harry said

“Uh, Iced white chocolate mocha, please” I ordered

“Yeh same” Sash said

“Ok, what to eat?”

“White chocolate and blueberry Muffin!” El started

“Ooh that’s sound good” Sash said

“I’ll try that please” I said

“Yep same”

“I think 5 of those” Harry said

“6” Liam sixthed

“7” Zayn said

“Cool so 2 Caramel Lattes, 3 coffees, 2 iced white chocolates and 7 white chocolate and blueberry muffins?”

“Yep sounds right” Liam stated

 Louis and Niall went outside and ordered our food from starbucks.

“So Zoe what do you do for a living?” El asked me

“Umm, I’m an actress and photographer”

“Oh my gosh really?”

“Yeh, my Mum and Dad own their own movie directing company”

‘Really? What’s it called?”

“Aren’t they making that movie about that girl who runs away to New York with that boy that her Dad doesn’t like and she ends up liking another guy and yeh?”

“Yep that’s it”

“Oh my gosh that is so cool!”

“Yeh, we’re going to start shooting it next month…”

“Are you going to star in it?”

“Umm, I’m going to be the girl…”

They all looked at me shocked…

“Well, congrats…”


“Who else is going to be in the movie?”

“Dave Franco, Lucas Till, Demi Moore and my little brother and sister”

“Wow… that must be fun…”

“Yeh it is I guess but it’s really hard working with my Mum and Dad as my bosses”

After I said this Louis and Niall arrived with our drinks and food. They handed them out to us. And we were soon off again. We talked for a bit until we  made it to the super market. “Ok everyone gets a shopping list so we spend less time here”

El and Perrie went together

Harry and Louis went together

Niall and Liam and Zayn went together

Sash and I went together

 We got our list;

1x Doritos

1x Potato chips

1x biscuits

1x Popcorn’

We went to our isle and got the popcorn, we noticed there was a microwave in the caravan so we just got the microwavable popcorn. Then we got the salsa Doritos, Salt and Vinegar chips and a pack of choc chip cookies.

When we were done we went to the front of the store where Perrie and Eleanor were there with the stuff they had gotten, they had juice, soda and milk.  Then we waited until the boys finally came. We went to the counter and bought all of the food and went back to the Caravan to unpack. Louis started driving while we were unpacking and without us knowing he went forward I was unlucky and fell backwards down the small hallway, then…

Harry fell on top of me.

 So us two were left in an awkward position for about 20 seconds until Harry finally got up… Everyone was staring at us.

Liam and Zayn were teasing Harry for what just happened and we all went and sat down and got to know each other.  Mostly it was Sash and I talking because we pretty much knew everything about them. We told them about New Zealand and how we went through 3 earthquakes in Christchurch.

We talked for about 2 hours until we had run out of things to say, and now it was about 2 O’clock. And by the end of it I felt closer to everyone. Especially Harry… I felt safe when I was around him. I don’t know how to describe it but, it just felt right being near him.  Anyways. We got the Doritos out and decided to watch TV unfortunately there was no connection. But then I remembered I had brought movies with me… I went to go get them and I actually hadn’t noticed how many I had brought. I had brought

“Friday The 13th


Paranormal Activity 1,2,3 and 4

Nightmare on Elm Street

The Eye

The Ring

The Grudge”

All were horrors and everyone seemed excited, which was good.

We decided to watch “Nightmare on Elm Street” because, well I had thought it was the least scary

one I had brought.

I still took the opportunity to huddle with Harry.

After the movie had ended it was 4o’clock. We were in Paris! We all stared out the window to see we were in a place where there were lots of Caravans!

 Some even looked exactly like ours! “So guys… we’re in France for tonight and most of tomorrow… what do you guys want to do?”

“Well tomorrow we need to pick up Holly!” El said

“Yep we’ll do that on our way to getting a coffee or something…” Louis answered

“DISNEY LAND!” Niall shouted

“Yeh, lets go to Disney Land PLEASE!” Liam begged

“That does sound like fun…” Perrie Started

“And I’m sure we’d get a good discount on how many of us are there…”

“Yeh like 2 family passes and then we’ll be good!” El said

“Why not?” Louis agreed

“What do you think love?” Harry whispered

“Sounds really fun, just I’m a bit scared of rollercoasters…”

“Don’t worry so am I… but we can conquer our fears… together”

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