The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


34. Mall

 -Next Day-

I woke up and saw that once again Renee was still sleeping so I just went on my phone again. I had talked to Harry about tonight and he said that it was fine. Which was good. I noticed I had a message from Perrie

' From Pez :)

Hi where do u wanna meet? My house is quite close wanna meet here then we can make our way?'

'To Pez :)

Awesome! So at 12 we'll meet there? :)'

'From Pez :)

Yep sounds good, I have to go and make some breaky and get ready now but will see you guys then :)'

'To Pez :)

Awesome sauce ;)'


I then looked at the time and realised it was 10! So I had to get Renee up and get ready. This wasn't too hard to do though.  I checked out side and saw it was lovely sunny weather, so I put a black short playsuit. I added a gold owl necklace and a few gold bracelets and rings. I grabbed some golden coloured sandles (flip-flops). grabbed my phone and headed downstairs to find my Mum cooking pancakes for the two monkeys ( Jesse and Gypsy we don't have monkeys... but that would be awesome!)

"Morning Mum!" I said giving her a hug

"Morning, how are you and why are you all dressed up?" She asked

"I'm good and I'm going out with a few new friends"  I answered

"Oh right speaking of new friends, we heard a rumour and we're not too sure if it-"

"Yes I am dating Harry" I said quickly

"Oh my goodness, how exciting!" She said jumping around. My Mum was 35 she acted about 20 and she looked it aswell! She had Ethan when she was 15 and got kicked out of the house... She and my Dad ran away until they got to LA and starting writing scripts for Musicals and one day one of their scripts got chosen but as a movie. Then they were asked to check over a script called grease... yes THE Grease they however weren't going to get any recognition so they complained about it... Then they were offered 35% of whatever the movie made but they wouldn't have any recognition... They accepted and managed to become famous other ways. But Mum and Dad never told me how they became famous.... But that doesn't matter they are now ... well not really, they aren't noticed on the street much because they haven't made a big movie yet... but after this movie hopefully if I do a good enough job they will be more famous! ...... Anyways back to it.

"Yeh, and I'm kinda going to go to the mall with One Direction's girlfriends; Eleanor and Perrie"

"Oh well, have fun, and oh I hear you are going out for dinner tonight with Ethan and Sasha!"

"Yeh we are but we are going with Harry aswell"

"Oh exciting! Well go and have fun at the Mall!" She said kinda pushing Renee and I out of the door. My Mum always felt bad for me not living a normal life and and always having to go to photoshoots and auditions.  But I didn't mind. I mean being famous isn't that bad is it? Well I haven't really had an interview or starred in a big movie yet... but this movie is becoming a big deal apparently and , I'm going to be interviewed by Hollywire when I fly to America to shoot the movie so maybe I'll build a fan base by then... Ugh I need to stop thinking about things too much! Anyways I got into my light blue volkswagon beetle, and drove to Perrie's house with the address she had given Renee earlier on. When we arrived at Perries house I was so amazed... Her house looked so pretty! It was down a dead end street with  park down at the end. Her front lawn was covered with green grass and had bright colourful flowers neatly set in the flowerbeds  It looked amazing I parked on the street and walked with Renee up to the white front door surrounded by beautiful pale bricks and a sign saying 'beware of cat' I laughed and then pressed the door bell we waited for a few seconds when Perrie opened the door revealing her amazing (And large) lounge. I also noticed something jumping onto my legs; Hatchi Perrie's dog!

I entered her house and saw a lot of pictures and trophys on a table at the back of the room... all were pics of Little Mix and 1D and their music awards. They had won more than it seemed!  I turned and El ,Holly and Zayn sitting on the cream coloured couch, Zayn playing Xbox Halo and El and Holly on their phones. "I just need to grab my keys and get my purse I'll be five" Perrie said running off to grab her items... I watched Zayn play Halo and watched him killing people  I saw someone hiding behind the bushes in the game, about to shoot him "Zayn behind the bushes Kill him!" I said quickly

Zayn shot the person and smiled. "Thanks Zo, I would have died" he said

"It's ok my brother and I used to play the Xbox all the time!" I said still watching him play until Perrie then walked in with her purse and a black jersey. She was wearing a blue dress with pinapples on it... I swear she can pull of anything... Both her and Eleanor who was wearing white shorts and a black tank top.  We all made sure we had everything before we headed to the mall.

When we arrived there we all got out and made our way through the place deciding we were just going to start at one shop and then go around in a circle that way we could make it through all of the shops and stop for food in the middle.

We started at Forever 21. And I had to admit everything looked amazing. We were all looking at this one dress in particular. It was white and silver, it had silver sparkly gems on the top and was a plain white mullet skirt bottom. I asked for a person to get us a few so we could all try it on and they sent someone. When the employee walked to us her mouth dropped...

"You're.... you're One Dir- you're one direction's girlfriends!" The girl said starting to smile.

"Yes yes we are" El said trying to calm the girl down.

"Would you guys mind if I took a pic?" She asked.

"No ofcoarse not!" We all smiled

Once the girl had taken the picture we went and tried on the dresses. I tried mine on and it fit perfectly... but it didn't look right on me. So I put it back on the hanger and met everyone outside

"Did you like it?" they asked

"No, it wasn't me" I answered

"Well would you guys mind if I bought it?" El asked

"No you go buy it!" Everyone said

She went and bought it and we moved onto our next shop.  This time I saw a few cute things...

- Half way through shopping so Maybe 2 hours later -

"Hey guys wanna stop and have some food?" El asked

We all agreed and decided on what we were having... There was a small new coffee place in the corner of the food court. We decided to eat there.

We went and ordered  and sat a table.. It wasn't until now until we realized we actually had bought ALOT of stuff. El had the most though. But then again she can pull off everything she puts on. I was so jealous! Anyways  we chatted for a bit until our food arrived. I had ordered a lime milkshake, chocolate brownie and a sausage roll. I saw people looking at us and looking in shock I just waved and they had a fangirl attack.

"It's weird isn't it?" El said

"Yeh, I'm not used to this kind of reaction."

"Well you've been a child star since the word go" Perrie said

"Yeh, well since I was about 9. But I've never had girls scream because I've waved at them" I explained

"About the movie, I hear Johnny Depp is going to be in it! Is it true?" Holly asked

"Yes! I almost forgot! I got told yesterday! I am so excited!" I smiled

 Once we had finished our food we carried on shopping and bought even more things... We shopped until 4 and we had been to every shop in the store. I had 7 bags full of clothes. But I was told I had to get rid of my old wardrobe and get a new one by Cat.

We each grabbed a starbucks caramel frap. and headed back to Perrie's house.




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