The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


4. Lunch with Sash

The bus ride wasn't long, we made it to a small mall and went to the food court where there happened to be a McDonalds. We went over and stood in the line...

"Hello, Welcome to McDonalds may I take you're order?" A brown haired girl asked us

"Yeh Umm please may I have a regular McChamp Burger combo with a pepsi..." I ordered waiting for Sasha to make hers...

"And can I please have the same..."

"Yep so two regular McChamp combos with Pepsi's?"


"Cool that'll be 22.80 thanks..." I Handed her the Coupons and stood aside to wait for our meal when it came after about 10 minutes of waiting we took our meals and sat at one of the tables. We sat and started eating. Half way through my burger I realized I hadn't texted my Mum so she was probably throwing a spaz trying to get a hold of me. I took out my phone but Mum hadn't texted me... Harry had. I smiled as I read his text

"Hey ;) Hope you're having fun with your friend ;) Talk to you soon! Bye! x"

I mean how could you not smile at this? I decided to text him back..

'Hey and yeh we're having lodes of fun! Can't wait for tomorrow! x"  Wow, so subtle Zoe.

'Haha Neither ;) xx So what r u doing? xx'

'Eating lunch with Sash :) u?'

'Playing Xbox with the boys..'

'haha sounds fun..."

As I sent this text I realized Sash was staring at me with a cheesy grin on her face...

"That was him wasn't it...your mystery man..." She asked still smiling

"Yeh... it was..."

" You promised me the details, so go..."

"Well, I took Scruffy for a walk and on the way back had to get some stuff from the Dairy I turned my back for a second and when I turned back I saw the little bugger running down the street so I ran after him so yeh Scruffy kinda led me to his house while him and some friends were having a BBQ  so yeh he drove me home and asked me out for lunch on Sunday... So yeh..."

"Omg, You got an English boyfriend!"

"well... no we're just friends..."

"Yeh... sure...."

"Ugh... I need to go to the bathroom I'll be back soon..." I got up and went to the bathroom I came back after 5minute to find Sasha looking through my phone. Shit. I quickly snatched my phone out of her hand....

"Just a friend aye?" She said with that stupid grin again

"Oh my god... Why were you looking through my phone?" I said looking down at my phone seeing just what exactly she was looking at the messages we had sent last night...

"I wanted to see the time but then I saw your "Friend" had texted you so..."
"You are really annoying..."
"But you love me" she said still smiling. "So anyway... His name's Harry...?"

"Yeh it is..."

"What does he look like? Is he cute? Does he have a friend?" She asked one eyebrow raised and with a creepy smile... I laughed

"Yes he has friends, I've met 4 of them and there's a blonde one that I think you'd like..." Her face looked hopeful.

"And yes... He's really cute, He's got this brown curly hair that's just so perfect, and these greeny blue eyes that make you wanna melt... Oh. My Gosh and his smile... he has dimples that just uhhh..." After this embarrassing out burst,  she looked at me with a shocked/ confused look on her face...

"Did you say Curly Hair?"


"Green Eyes?"


"His name was Harry?"

"Yes I told this to you like 30 seconds ago-"

"Zo.... I might be completely wrong... but... it sounds like you're dating Harry Freaking STYLES!"

That's when it hit me.... I knew he looked familiar... I just couldn't put my finger on it... Now I knew... It was Harry Styles.... How Could I have not noticed?...Why didn't he tell me?... The boys that were at the BBQ... Holy crap that was One Direction! And I'm going on a date tomorrow with Harry. Styles!... Omg... Is this really happening?...

"I-I'm going on a d-date with HARRY FUCKING STYLES TOMORROW!" I yelled not too loud I didn't want to draw attention to myself....

"My best friend is going on a date with Harry Styles tomorrow!"

We both mini fangirled

"Oh my gosh what am I gonna wear?"


Sorry it was quite short and REALLY late on the update but now I'll try to update more often! :) X k bye! x

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