The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


37. Introduction prt2.

Once we were both in the car and driving to the Resteraunt I could feel Harry becoming nervous...

"So Zo, Your brother... Tell me something about him..." He stuttered

"Harry you've got nothing to worry about, Yes him and my Dad are protective but once you get to know him you'll realise he's way more of a teddy bear than a grizzly one" I joked making Harry a bit more comfortable, but I knew he was still nervous. I put my hand on his knee and looked him in the eye "He'll love you.... Trust me..."  Harry smiled and tried to relax but no matter what I did he was nervous.... I was starting to get nervous too.... what if Ethan acts like a dick and Harry never wants to speak to me again... Oh no. And Sasha! She's stunning! Harry will probably take one look at her and dump me for her. Oh no. No. Nothing like that will happen...

I just need to calm down...


Once we got to the resteraunt we soon realized we hadn't thought through one detail that would affect this night.... The paps. they were everywhere! They were surrounding the car trying to snap a picture of Harry and I together... It was caos trying to get to the valet and when we finally did it became even worse people were trying to grab us pull us in all different types of directions. But Harry gripped onto my hand and tried pulling me through the crowd. "Harry, Zoe over here!" "Harry what number girl is this? 19?" "Zoe, are you two sleeping together?" "Harry tell us about your band! What are you guys planning?" "Zoe, tell us about your movie! Can you comfirm Johnny depp being appart of the cast?" "Harry did you get Zoe pregnant?" "IS this your management putting you two together?" "Are you engaged?" "Is this a sham?" Harry and I didn't answer any of the questions asked to us we just held onto each others hands and made our way through the paps. Finally the security came and escorted us inside.

When we got inside I found Ethan and Sasha sitting in a booth. I saw Sasha first her blonde hair was curled and looked like a bob, she was wearing a skintight, red cocktail dress and bright red lipstick to match. Her blue eyes caught my green ones and before I knew it She was running over to us and gave me a hug "Hi Hun!" He squealed 

"Hi Sash" Ethan was behind her smiling at me

I quickly gave him a hug and whispered " Be nice " in his ear. He gave me a "I'll try" look.

"Oh sorry! Sasha, Ethan this is Harry. Harry this is Sash and this is Ethan..." I said introducing them.  Sash gave Harry a quick hug and Ethan shook his hand and gave harry a dirty look in the eye... They didn't break eye contact and ethan continued to give Harry a stern look. I gave Sash a 'please help me' look and she caught on and 'accidently' bumped into ethan to stop him making Harry feel uncomfortable. Sasha grabbed hold of Ethans hand and I grabbed hold of Harrys before pulling him onto our side of the booth. I was facing Sash and Harry was facing Ethan. We sat there each looking at each other awkwardly. "Well whats everyone having?" a waiter came and broke the silence. And I was really happy that he did.


HEy guys! I've had to rewrite this chapter 3 times. Ugh and I'm so tired... HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014. I hope you all ahve an amazing year! :) see you guys x

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