The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


2. Ice-Skating

  When I got home of coarse Mum was asking me all sorts of questions like why I didn't bring home anything. I explained and she took it surprisingly well ... I went to bed early-ish ( 10:30 ) because I knew I would have to wake up at a decent time for Sasha. I jumped into bed when my phone buzzed it was the boys with the curls... Well Harry...

H: 'Hi love, just checking this wasn't a fake number ;)'

Z:'Nope, It's my real number! ;)'

H: 'Good! :) So are we still on for Sunday?'

Z: 'Definately! ;) ' We texted until about 12 and then I decided I had to go to bed or else I would be dead for tomorrow...

I woke up at at 10:30am and stretched I lay in bed thinking about yesterday... Scruffy and how he ran away and Harry... A smile appeared on my face as I thought about him... his smile, his eyes, his dimples, his hair, his... everything. I quickly snapped out of my trance and realized I was seeing my friend Sash today! She lived all the way in New Zealand! She was going to be staying with us for 3 weeks so it was going to be lodes of fun!

I got up (Slowly) and picked an outfit out for the day, it had to be warm seeings as we were going Ice-skating! I chose some black skinny jeans, a thermal and a knitted looking jersey with a wolf on it. I put on some black converse and my mustache necklace ( Sash and I got matching ones when we were 11) and grabbed my bag and phone.

I Looked at the time 11:34.

She was coming at 12 so I just sat and watched TV for a bit then there was a knock on the door. It was Sash! She had her light brown hair straightened so that it was about 4inches passed her shoulders. She wore dark blue skinny jeans a black jacket, white converse and her matching necklace! I instantly gave her a massive hug "Oh my gosh you got so much taller!" I said looking at her... she was always taller than me but now she was even taller!

“Haha, Nah you just shrunk!" she said laughing coming into the hallway and dropping her suitcase

"Oh my gosh... I haven't seen you in ages!"

"I know.. and skype just isn't the same..."

"yeh... So wanna see my room?"

"Okay" I showed her to my room

"Wow... This is really nice...."

"Gee thanks, Sorry it's a bit messy but we'll be ok"

She sat on my double bed and took out her phone to check the time...

"So what are we doing today?"

"Well we are bussing around town today... First we're going ice-skating then we'll go get some lunch and maybe get some DVDs for later?"

"Like we used to at our sleepovers!"

"Yeh! So we have to catch the bus at 12:43... It's 12:30 now so we should start walking now..."

"Yeh sure.."

We left and walked to the bus stop we made it just in time and got into the bus

"So.. Zoe met any boys here??" She said with a creepy grin on her face

I rolled my eyes.."Yeh I met this one guy but we're not really "Going Out" yet..."

"Yet!" She was enjoying this..." So tell me more about this Mystery Man..."

"Oh my gosh.. I'll make a deal I promise to tell you all about it during lunch..."

She sighed and slouched back into the chair "Fine... but you can't miss out one detail!"

"Ugh... Fine..." The bus ride was about 15 minutes and Sash and I just chatted about life in New Zealand

When we got to the Ice rink it was quite busy but it was fine... Sash and I got our Ice-skates and got on the ice Both falling almost immediately after taking our first steps After about 10 minutes of doing little steps we started to get the hang of it and were finally able to do it without the sides to help us... "I just realized the last time we did this was when we were at Amy's Birthday!"
She said laughing

"Oh My gosh you're right... I can't believe we haven't done this for so long!" then the lights went out... a few little kids screamed until some colored spotlights came on, and music started playing... the first song that came on was Little Mix 'How Ya Doin' Me and Sasha sang along to the song we were still slipping every now and again but we were really getting good then there was a voice " Now it's time to get with a partner, We have some judges looking around so start skating for the chance of a prize!"

We looked at each other and laughed "We can do this!" She said with a smile

"Totally!" I said jokingly

Then 'Last Friday Night - Katy Perry' came on. Sash and I hooked our arms and started to sing and skate. We were in the middle of the ..."Intense Saxophone solos when a man in a bright yellow vest came up to us "Here you go ladies 2 free large combos for McDonald's!"

"Thanks!" I said as he handed me my ticket

"Well, I know what we're having for lunch!" She laughed as we continued to skate.. It was about 3:30pm when the rink was closing. We took off our skates and walked to the bus stop...

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