The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


28. Getting Home :)

_Zoes POV-

After hours of driving and chatting everyone seemed to have forgotten about the picture and had moved on. Also we were all hungry, some more than others (Niall). So we decided we'd go to McDonalds. Except Amber, Sash and I would go out only so that we didn't attract all of the fans. Once we stepped outside we had realized our plan didn't work. l thought they weren't as loud as when we went out with the boys it was still VERY LOUD! We made our way through the ocean of fans until one grabbed Sash's arm "Stay away from Niall bitch!" She yelled I however grabbed Sash's other hand and pulled her into the McDonalds building along with Holly.

"Hello May I take your.... oh my gosh"

 the counter lady said. Crap she was a directioner wasn't she.

"You were in that movie!" She said. What? She knew me from Movies not One Direction.?

I always had a few fans but I never really noticed them too much.

"Is it true you are going to be in that new movie!" She asked

"Yeh, So is Gypsy" I answered

"Oh my gosh! I am so excited for the movie!" She squealed "Oh right What would you like?"

Uhhh... Can I have... 3 Favorite Family Dinner Boxes"


"4 Fantas, 4 Sprites and 4 cokes" I said

"Sure that'll be ... £89.90"

I payed and waited for about 20 minutes until it was finally finished. When we got back to the Bus Perrie was in tears and Zayn looked like he was about to be aswell.

"Oh my gosh what happened?" I asked placing the food on the counter.

"While you guys distracted the fans Zayn took me outside and proposed!" Perrie answered still sobbing a bit. Showing me her big ring.

"Oh my gosh!" I said, I was so happy for them!

After a few minutes of talking "We" (Niall) decided we should eat before the food got cold. So we did, we also watched another horror movie and before we knew it. We were home. First we dropped Holly home. She lives in an apartment with one of her co-workers. Then Perrie and El got dropped off because El was going to stay with Perrie for a week or so while the boys were around. Then Sash and I got dropped off home. Harry helped with our bags and walked us to the door where we kissed and hugged once more before they drove off. I got out my key for the house and opened the large wooden door. When we got inside all the lights were off and no-one was awake I checked the clock to see what time it was. 11pm. wow. I really thought it was still 8 or something. We carefully and quietly went up the stairs and went into my room. I walked over to my bed and found a note and a present on it. I decided to read the note first

'Dear Zoe,

Sorry we aren't there tonight. But Clarris is there so don't worry.

Your brother and sister got a present for you because,

"You are the bestest big sister Ever in the world ever."

I hope you had a wonderful time and should be able to talk to you tomorrow...

Mum x'

I smiled at the note and then went to open the present that was obviously wrapped by Jesse.

 They had gotten a glass jar and fulled it with stones, sand and sea shells from the camping site. It actually looked quite cool I have to admit! I put it on top of my night stand and admired it before getting into some Pj's and heading off to sleep.

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