The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


19. Camping Activities! :P

I woke up listening to Louis and Niall whispering I rolled over to see what they were doing... They were trying to pull a prank on Harry... Something to do with whipped cream? I must have made too much noise rolling over seeing as the boys quickly turned to me putting their index finger to their lips telling me to be quiet... I just nodded and played fruit ninja watching them in the corner of my eye...

They were now putting the cream on Harry's Hand carefully and then Niall pulled out a feather and tickled Harry under the nose causing Harry to scratch his nose... therefor spreading whipped cream all over his face... "What the hell guys?" Harry said with his sexy morning voice... The boys just laughed loudly! Soon after the rest of the (sleepy) group came out to complain, but once they saw Harry they all just laughed. Harry just rolled his eyes and pulled the covers over his head... "Nope, get up! We've got the day planned so get up and get dressed! Niall and I will make Breakfast on the portable stove!"

I then got up and went to get dressed... I checked what the weather was like and it was sunny!  I put on some denim shorts a white singlet with Hawaiian things on it like palm trees, the islands and stuff... I had always wanted to go to Hawaii, but was never able to get off school or parents would be working on the holidays... My brother and I used to go travel together though... just us two... When he turned sixteen and I was 14 he took me to Miami, Venice and Canada... but once he started to work and got a girlfriend he was too occupied for time... He's bassically moved out... Not officially but he's never around... Which has kinda been hard on me... I mean... When I was in New Zealand I was happy and then suddenly we were going to be moving... But we're always moving... so I've learnt not to become attached to people... but this movie deal is for the next 4 years and so by the end of it I will be old enough to stay here if I want to... Anyways... I put on some shoes and went out side... I was smart to be wearing what I did... it was BOILING outside... I sat down next the fire by Amber and Sasha on my other side Eleanor and Perrie who were whispering about something not very well though... I heard the words "Zo" and "Perfect" and "Help"... so I didn't know what the heck they were talking about so I started to talk to Amber

"Hey Amber, whats everyone being so secretive about?"


"Amber PLEASE!"

"You'll find out tonight"

"Why can't you tell me now?" I whined she just laughed and continued talking to Sasha... Once  Breakfast was finished we all ate and then it was time for activities!

"Ok guys first activity is... Orienteering!" So we'll get into two groups and by the end of the trip we will tally up who has won!"

"Ok but how will we decide who's on what team?" Niall said

"We pick from the hat!" Louis answered picking a hat off the floor "First person in Team a is... Amber" Amber went and stood on one side of Louis

"Next on the b team is... Zoe" I went to stand on the opposite side of Louis to Amber and started to cross my fingers hoping Harry would be on my team.

"Next on A Team is Liam"

"Next on B-Team is... Sash" Sash came to my side and we high-fived

"Next on A Team is El"

"Next on B-Team is Louis"

"Next on A-Team is.. Zayn"

"Next on B-team is Perrie"

"Last on the A-Team is..... Harry" I uncrossed my fingers dissapointed that he wasn't in my team and by the look on his face so was he.... Oh well... this could work to my advantage... a little competitiveness ;).

"Right so... Here is your map... This is a whole day thing so we'll have plenty of time to get through all of the places... Both teams get a backpack full with food and some torched and walky Talkies just in case... So yeh and Both teams have the time?"

"Yep" Harry said with his watch

"Good... so everyone meet back here at 5. Okay?"


"You guys got your backpack"

"Yeh" they said

"And.... go!" we headed through the trees and almost immediately found the first stamp... Soon came the second and then the third... I thought we were on a role until I asked how many stamps there were... 50? WHAT?!!!? Well then again no wonder why we have so much time to find everything... When we had gotten our 18th stamp we looked at the time and it was already 1oclock so we decided to stop for a bit and eat and drink something...

Louis had packed our bag with good food... Trail Mix, Nut bars, sandwiches, dark chocolate, fruit and water... we had some of the food and carried on until about 4:30 and Louis was complaining about his back from carrying it all around all day so I took it and it was quite heavy but I was fine... when we got back it was still light, we looked at each others score cards and found that the b team had won! We celebrated and went back inside to all get our jumpers and get some water then we all went outside to cook and eat dinner but when I went out I couldn't find the girls or Harry so I just went and spoke to the boys "Hey guys have you seen Haz or the girls?"

"No, sorry love" Louis said

"But you are more than welcome to come and chat to us..." He said patting the space next to him by the fire...

"So whats the goss" he said in an American girl voice. I giggled

"Nothing... just Harry and the girls have been acting strange lately..."

"I wouldn't worry about it... I'm sure they're jus-"

"Hey!" the girls said

"Where have you been?" They all just laughed and sat next to me... Harry soon followed on except he didn't sit he just crouched behind me and whispered in my ear "Love, I'm going on a walk along the beach, you wanna come?"

"Sure" I said getting up

"Guys we're just gonna go for a walk... don't wait for us you guys dig in" Harry said

"We were going to anyway" Niall joked  and everyone laughed...


We started to walk at sunset... Perfect this is just like the girls and I had planned... She was perfect... We only have 3 more days of this trip and then we have to go back to our normal lives... Ugh... I just wanted the rest of this trip to be me and Zoe... but not as just friends... as Girlfriend and Boyfriend... Ugh I needed to ask her now.. nothing could ruin this moment... unless she said no... what if she said no! No.. calm down Harry... Just give it a shot.... Ok here it goes...


Harry stopped, so did I, he was looking Nervous... And then he started to talk...

"Umm, Zo... I've tried to do this a couple of times and now nothing can ruin this... You are amazing, you are beautiful and I ... I would love it if you .. uhh would like to ... uhhh-"

I cut him off "Yes, Harry I would love to" I said hugging him, I heard a sigh of relief.... I didn't know if it was me or it was him then I realized it was both...



Hey Guys :) x Hope you are enjoying the story! Harry and Zoey are together now! If you guys have any feedback or ideas please PLease PLEASE comment! I love getting feedback! Thanks x

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