The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


41. Bowling

We got to the Bowling alley and I was super excited!

We got inside and were ordering our shoes. It was hard to get Jesse's shoe size as he was jumping all over the place. We almost settled him down but he bumped into someone

"Wow, watch it little guy" A familiar Irish accent said

I looked up and saw Niall standing there with a girl next to him. She had Red hair and Light brown eyes that looked red. She had a few freckles and was beautiful.

"Zoe, fancy seeing you here and... Renee, This is Irish, my girlfriend"

Renee and I looked at each other, you could see in her eyes she didn't want to be here right now.

"Oh it's nice to meet you, sorry for my little brother, He's Jesse and this is Gypsy" I said introducing him to my brother and Sister.

"Nice to meet you two" He said crouching down to their height, Gypsy said hi while Jesse hid behind my legs, he was so shy.

"Are you guys about to go in?" I ask

"Yep, hey do you want to play together, and then maybe get some lunch?" He asked

I looked to Renee and she nodded at me, I was worried about how she was going to go with this, but I agreed to the offer and we walked in together the 6 of us. We went to an empty lane and typed our names into the score board.


As we were playing I noticed Renee and Irish talking and laughing alot. I smiled because Renee was being such a good sport. She could have been a total bitch and ignored Irish but she was being really friendly. 

In the end, Renee had won, Niall second and Gypsy third...I came last... I suck at bowling...


It was now time for FOOD

 There was a small frozen yogurt place around the corner.

When we walked in immediately the girl at the counter started freaking out.

"Oh my gosh" She said and we all started smiling.

"Hi" I said

"Hello" She said in return

I helped full Gypsy's and Jesse's cups with frozen yogurt and chocolaty toppings.

I wasn't too hungry so I just grabbed some vanilla yogurt with some fruit toppings

Once we were finished and had paid for our yogurt we went and sat down at a table next to a window. The first five minutes of eating went well until the Paps arrived and started taking picture of us through the window. Gypsy was nervous while Jesse just burst into tears.

"I think we better go before it is really bad" I said referring to the Paps

"Yep, well it was nice catching up with you, I'll tell Harry you say hi" Niall said and I smiled

"Yeh it was nice meeting you guys, maybe we could double date or something soon?" Irish said

"That sounds like fun" I said

Although I was now thinking of Harry, Making sure Gypsy and Jesse were safe was my main priority.


A/N ..... I'm sorry... Something happened in my life that has been a rollercoaster of emotion so I haven't been updating for A LONG time! xx I hope you can all accept it and enjoy the rest of the book :) xx

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