The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


15. An New/Old Friend

We finished our dinner and made our way back to our caravan. When we got back we decided we were going to sleep here for the night. So we all got changed into our PJ's and then louis suggested watching another movie so I got them all out again we settled on 'Friday the 13th' We all got comfy on the couches and watched the movie this movie was a little scarier than the previous one yet we finished it. By the time we had finished it was 11 and I was asleep...

~Next Morning~

Harry's POV-

I woke up to Zoe sleeping, her head was on my chest and it just felt... right... Ugh I am so annoyed... Why didn't I ask her out when I had the chance? It would have been perfect on that ride!

While I was thinking her eyes started to flutter open. She completely opened her eyes and shot up. "Oh my gosh Harry, I am so-" I cut her off

"It's fine love" I reassured her

She smiled a little maybe she enjoyed it as much as I did... Then I thought... This was a perfect time to ask her!

"Umm so Zoey I was wondering-"

"GOOOOOD MORNING!" Niall shouted/sang ruining the moment… Ugh

“Good morning” I answered not so enthusiastic. Niall sat across from me. I gave him a look

"Ohhh sorry was I interrupting something?" He asked

"Nope, not at all" I answered sarcastically  he gave me a sorry look and I gave him an "It's ok" look.

"Good morning!" Perrie chirped coming into the room, soon followed Zayn then Liam, then Louis and El.

~Zoey's POV~

"Anyone want a cup of tea or coffee before we go for breakfast?" El asked all denied and went to get changed. I got into a pair of denim shorts a black tank top with Jake and Finn from adventure time on it. I put on a black cardigan and some black converse. I went outside and sat next to Harry and noticed that Sash wasn't sitting where she usually sat... she was sitting next to Niall! "You look amazing love" Harry complimented me

"Thanks... Hey look who's bonding..." I said looking towards Sash and Niall

"haha..." He said looking kinda sad? Why? Did I say or do something? Anyways Louis was the last to get changed and when he finally came out we all headed to the park that El's friend was modelling...

When we got there it was quite packed! There was a presenter who was speaking french...

"Bonjour tout le monde! (Good Morning Everyone!)
Bienvenue à la deuxième moitié du spectacle! (Welcome to the second half of the show!)
La modélisation des arts portable! (The wearable arts modelling!)
Alors asseyez-vous et faites du bruit pour nos modèles!
(SO sit back and make some noise for our models!)"

Everyone Cheered and soon came alot of models went on stage all wearing pretty weird cloths. Eleanor went backstage to wait for her friend while the rest of us watched the show... It lasted 13minutes and then ended so we all made our way to stand by the backstage entrance... We waited 10 minutes until finally El and her friend came out.. Wait a sec...Those eyes... that face... It was... No it couldn't be... No... Was it?

"Amber?" I asked
"Hi- wait... Zo?"

"Oh my gosh it really is you... Sash look!"

Sasha looked... " Oh my gosh! AMBER!"

We had a group hug. Amber, Sash and I (And a few more people) used to be best-friends in NZ but I moved and by the looks of things so had Amber! She didn't look very different... Her face hadn't changed much and neither did her figure... she was still skinny but now she was tall... I used to be taller than her but now we were the same height?! Her hair had changed as well... It was now very light brown almost verging on blonde. Last time I had seen her she had orangey/ brown hair.

"How do you guys know each other?"

"We went to school together in NZ" Sasha answered.

"Oh my gosh... This is such a coincidence..." Amber said.

"I know we'll have to catch up.." Then we looked at everyone else...

"Well we should go get some brunch!" Niall said breaking the silence.

"I agree lets go to that cafe over there" Louis said pointing to a small cafe on the corner of the street..We made our way to the cafe... on the way we got stopped, well the boys got stopped and asked for pictures with fans... but somehow in all the madness we made it to the cafe.

We sat down and then a waitress came and took our orders

Amber, Sash and I caught up on what had happened to us since we last all saw each other... It was nice talking to each other again. Turns out Amber lives in London now...

Soon the waitress brought us our food I had ordered waffles with watermelon and syrup...  Then for a drink I had gotten a hot chocolate and gave Niall the side marshmallows... It was delicious! I absolutely loved today! It was going to be awesome! But I couldn't help but notice Harry looked disappointed... I wanted to ask him what was wrong but he was on the other side of the table to me and I didn't want to make a big deal about it... So I decided I'd ask him later about it... Once we had finished our meals we went back to the caravan and started to head... I still didn't know what was wrong with Harry... He seemed to relax a bit when we were sitting next to each other while driving but still... I needed to find out what is wrong! Does he regret asking me? I need to know...



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