The Boy with the curls...

She was just a normal girl... She lived in Wolverhampton with her Mum and older brother... until one day when she met... him... Harry Styles... He changed her life... And here's her story...


10. An invitation...


I closed the door and as I did Sasha put her head around the corner… “So… Spill…” we walked over to the couch and I told her everything “Oh and by the way…” I hit her arm “That’s for changing my ringtone! You are so luck Harry has a good sense of humour!”

She started laughing again… “Well that’ll teach you to ditch your best friend!”

“It was Harry. Fricken. Styles!”

“I’m joking! So when do I get to meet him?”

“I don’t know… He hasn’t even asked me to be his girlfriend yet!”

“He will…

“I dunno…” I said sounding doubtful

“Oh, I know he will! I saw the way he looked when you kissed him!”

“You were spying on me!?”

“Yep” She said popping the ‘p’. She was so weird, but I loved her. We sat and watched TV for an hour and I began to get hungry…

“What do you want for dinner. It has to be takeout because Mum is working late…”

“Pizza!” I kinda felt in the mood for pizza too so we agreed and got my laptop to order.

“What pizza do you want?” I asked Sash

“Meat lovers!” She yelled from the lounge

“Ok and Hawaiian?”

“Yep!” I ordered both pizzas.

“Wait what about your family?”

“They’ve gone on their annual... camping... trip.. thing, I was going to go but I didn’t want to leave you!”

“And Ethan?”

“He’s working then going to stay at his Girlfriend’s house”

“Oh, ok” She was now walking to the kitchen where I was, she leaned on the counter.

“So what are we doing tomorrow?” She asked me…. I had no idea.

“I don’t know… we’ll figure something out…”

We went and watched TV for 20 minutes and then our pizza came.

We set the boxes down and ate… 30minutes later, there was no more pizza… Then my phone buzzed in my pocket… it was an unknown number?!

‘Hi babe! It’s Harry on Louis phone, I left my phone in your handbag'

Is it ok if I come and get it? J’

‘Yeh, it’s fine! ;)’
I got the phone out my handbag.

-5min Later-

*Ding Dong*

They were here!

I opened the door Sash was behind me

“Hello Love” Harry greeted me pulling me into a hug.

“Hi Zoe!” Louis was behind him

“Hi Louis!”

Sasha nudged me.

“Oh yeh, this is my friend; Sash…”

“Hi” She was... nervous?

“Um do you want a cuppa?” (If you don’t know what a cuppa is it’s short for cup of Tea or coffee…)

Louis looked at his watch and smiled “We’d love to” He answered for The both of them. I invited them into the house… They were both in aw.

“Wow your house is big…” I knew my house wasn’t “Small” but it wasn’t huge… I guess I was used to it though. My Mum was a Producer and my Dad was a Director. So I guess you could say… we were... well off. Although I really liked having the latest things… Mum and Dad weren’t home a lot so we didn’t really have much family time. And Ethan and I were left to babysit A LOT but we didn’t mind. We quite liked our siblings. But Ethan was moving out soon because he is planning on moving in with his girlfriend ; Kaley. Kaley’s really nice and pretty. But I do miss having around a lot. Back to the story.

“Yeh I guess…”

“What do your parents do?”

“My Mum’s a Producer, and my Dad’s a Director”


I led them to the dining room next to the kitchen

“Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate?” I asked everyone

“Hot chocolate” Sash answered

“Same please” Louis said

“Same please” Harry said

I wanted the same. So I boiled the Kettle got the hot chocolate powder out and also some marshmallows for everyone else but me. It took 5 minutes and I was finished and carrying everyone’s drinks

I put one in front of each of them and sat down with mine.  “So Zo, where’s your family”

“Camping, we do it every year but this year I didn’t for Sash, but my Mum is just working”

“Do you like camping?”

“Yeh I do… We usually get a Caravan/Rv thing

down to some camping woods and roast marshmallows.”

“Really? Funny you say that, tomorrow we’re going in a caravan 5 day trip!” Harry told us

“Sounds fun..” I said

“You two should come!” Said Louis

“Yes! You should!” Harry seconded

“I’d have to ask… What time would we leave?”

“8am, We’d ride to a café get some breakfast, then go to a supermarket get some snacks and other food…. There’s a DVDs Player and a small TV…”

“Who’ll come?” Sash said

“The boys, you two, Eleanor and Perrie, Zayn and Louis Girlfriends!”

“I’ll go call my Mum and let her know…”


 I got up and phoned my Mum.

“Hello darling” She started

“Hi Mum, You know that boy I was talking about?”

“Yes, How was your date?”

“Very nice we went to the movies and Lunch. Mum He and his friends have invited Sash and I to go on this Caravan camping trip tomorrow oh and there will be 2 other girls! Please Mum!


“Yes 8am we’ll be picked up”

“Ummm, I don't know, I don't know this boy..."

"Trust me Mum.. you do.."


"It's Harry Styles"

"As in... THE Harry Styles?"

"Yes Mum."

"Well, I still don't know..."

"We'll going with the band and their girlfriends! Please Mum!"

"Ok... It goes against my better instinct, but ok... How long will you be gone for?”

“5 days”

“Yep... Ok... that’s fine love…”

“Love you Mum Sosososo much!”

“Haha love you too darling, I have to go but... you go enjoy yourself!”

I walked into the dining room “We can go!”


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