Escape 16+

This is the story of Brianna. An 18 year old girl who has finay escaped her abusive relationship with Skyler. Suddenly she starts falling for another boy she ran into in the park. Niall Horan. The boys of One Direction change Brianna's life completely. But what will happen when Skyler finds her?


2. Safe

*Brianna's POV*

"I'm really tired guys so i'm going to sleep. Um. I'll sleep on the couch." I said as I start walking toward the couch. "No! You can sleep in my room. I'll sleep on the floor in there and you can have the bed." Niall says happily. "No Niall. I can't take your bed i'll sleep on the floor." I'm being serious. "No you are sleeping in my bed and thats final." Niall says as he crosses his arms. "Fine. But i'm going to feel really guilty." I say to him. As I follow him up to his room. Its huge. The carpet is so soft and his bed looks like a king size! Niall picks me up bridal style and carries me over and lets me down on the bed. He goes into the bathroom so I get up and get changed into my pyjamas. I climb im under the covers just as Niall walks in. He is omly wearing boxers and I can't help but stare at his abs. He starts setting up on the floor. "Niall?" "Yes?" "Will you sleep in the bed with me please?" "If you want." He says im such a happy tone. He climbs in next to me and I rest me head on his chest as I feels his arm wrap around me. For once in a long time I feel safe. Niall is so nice and cute. I think I may be developing a crush for this boy. I soon go into a deep sleep. I wake up the next morning and see that Niall isn't here. I start panicking then I see him walk out of his bathroom and I quickly calm down. He comes over to me and gives me a hug. "Goodmorning beautiful." Niall says in a calming voice. Wait. Did he just call me beautiful? "Beautiful?" "Oh i-i'm so sorry." "Don't be." I can feel my cheeks turning bright red. 


*Nialls POV*

Why did I just call her beautiful? God i'm so stupid. Come one Horan! Get you're act together! 

"So Brianna. Maybe the lads and I can take you shopping today for some more clothes? I mean you will probably stay with us since i'm not letting you leave back to that Skyler guy." I hope she accepts the offer. "Okay! I would love to! I'll just get ready and grab my money!" She says so excited. "Um no i'm paying for you and you can't stop me." I start tickling her. And she falls back on the bed and me on top of her. Put faces inches apart. She starts moving her face towards me to where out noses are touching. I close the gap and press my lips against hers. They are so soft. Sparks are flying everywhere. It feels like it's only us to in the whole world. Our lips move together in perfect harmony. She pulls away and starts smiling. I can see her start to blush. Thats so cute! "Um well i-i'm going to uh start getting ready." She gets up and walks aways smiling. "I'll wait for you here." That kiss. It was so. Indescribable. I have never felt so

happy about a kiss in my whole life. 


*Brianna's POV*

He kissed me, but it wasn't just any regular kiss. It felt right. There were fireworks going off all around us. I shake that thought out of my mind. I see he has a brush, so I pick it up and brush all the knots out of my wavy dirty blonde hair. I look up at myself and my hair is falls exactly how I want it. I brush my teeth and take out some clothes for today. I settle on the ripped jeans and my Beatles t-shirt. I walk out and I can feel Nialls eyes staring me up and down. I walk up to him and he stands up. I wrap my arms around him and he holds me there. It was silent, but it wasn't awkward. I look up and him and he looks down at me. Suddenly our lips and touching. I can't stop thinking about this boy. I pull away. "So are you ready to go shopping?" He asks me in a low sexy voice. "I'm ready as long as you will be there." He chuckles and kisses me again. It's just a peck though. Niall is so perfect. His blue sparkling eyes, his perfect dirty blonde hair, his accent, his kindness, and he is just so amazing. I really want to know what he is thinking. We walk out of his room hand in hand and we go down stairs and I see the boys all running around the kitchen looking for something and anything they can put in their mouths. I start giggling and then they all look over at us and see we are holding hands. I look down and start blushing. "AWWWWWW" I hear from all the boys in unison. "Niall said he was taking me shopping. Do you guys want to come?" I ask them still blushing. "Yup" "sure" I hear from all of them at different times. We are walking out of the flat and I see a limo parked right in front. "What exactly do you boys do again?" I ask them laughing. "We are in a band. One Direction. Platnuim album." Louis says laughing. I knew I have heard/seen them before! I'm not a crazy fangirl though so i'm not freaking out. We arive at the mall and suddenly there are fans surrounding the car. And i'm starting to get scared. Niall moticesthatgetting scared because he wraps his hand in mine. i see security rush to the scene and manage to push all the girls away. some big guy the boys seem to be close with, Paul, getting into the limo. "So I got you guys the mall for 2 hours." Paul says in his deep voice."You guys rent out malls?" I ask them so surprised. "Yup" they all say in unison. "So who is this that seems to have a liking to Niall?" Paul says. I can feel my cheeks turning a dark red. "This is Brianna and she is my girlfriend Paul," Niall says to Paul. Yea i'm his girlfriend. Wait what?! "I'm your girlfriend?" I whisper quietly in his ear. "Well. Brianna, will you be my girlfriend?" he whispers back. I kiss his cheek so he knows it's a yes. He looks at me and smiles. We all climb out of the limo. I look up and the first person I see. Skyler.

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