Escape 16+

This is the story of Brianna. An 18 year old girl who has finay escaped her abusive relationship with Skyler. Suddenly she starts falling for another boy she ran into in the park. Niall Horan. The boys of One Direction change Brianna's life completely. But what will happen when Skyler finds her?


6. A New Couple

*Brianna's POV*

As dinner continues on I can't help but notice the looks that Harry and Shelby are exchanging. I know Niall is talking to me, but I just am not focused on him at all. I decide to send a group message with Shelby and Harry in it. It says "Can you two please just date already?😏" Shelby shoots me the 'oh my god what have you done?!' type of look. I mouth to her the words "You're welcome". As soon as that happens she looks back at her phone and I swear her squeal could be heard in China. I then say "Shelby can you help me clean the dishes please?" She says yet and helps me carry all the plates to the sink. "So what was the squeal all about" I ask her. In a flash she rips her phone out of her pocket and shows me a text from Harry that said "You know she has a point. Why aren't we dating yet? I say we change that situation😉" I can't help but squeal for the fact that my best friend is going to be dating the man she has loved for a long time. I'm so happy for her. We quickly finish up cleaning and go into the living room where the boys are all on the couch. Niall calls me over to sit next to him so I do and he rests his arms around me with my head resting on his chest. I listen to his heartbeat and I notice that I'm falling asleep and when it has only felt like 5 minutes I open my eyes to realize everyone is going to bed and it's been 2 hours. I start toward the bedroom and I notice, I can't find Harry or Shelby. She must have left and he went to bed. I just shrug it off and go to bed with Niall. It's a peaceful night. We cuddle up in bed after I brush my teeth and get in a sports bra and Nike pros. I fall asleep in an instant again listening to Niall's heartbeat.

*Shelby's POV*

Well Brianna is knocked out cuddling Niall and I'm cuddling Harry and I'm about to fall asleep. I better drive home before I get to tired. "I'm really tired Harry so I should probably get going." I tell him. "No! You're too tired to drive when you're this tired. Just stay with me in my bed tonight."

He tells me. I'm feeling slightly hesitant considering I barely know this guy but I guess it's not safe for me to drive when I'm this tired. "I would love nothing more Mr. Styles" I say politely. Harry takes my hand and guides me to his room. His touch is just sending electricity through my body. We get to his room and it's massive. He has a bed with a wooden frame and pictures that fans have drawn of the group and himself hanging on his walls. Then I suddenly realize, that he has my drawing hanging on his wall. I can't believe this. I can't tell him that's mine though, he'll think I'm an obsessive fan and hate me. He walk into his bathroom and back out in a flash. I look over to see Harry in only his underwear and sweet baby Jesus I feel like I'm in heaven. This body is just so glorious. I think I started staring too much because Harry walks up to me and grabs my arms and snaps me back from space and says "Like what you see?" and does a really sly wink at me. I realize I have nothing to wear. Crap. I have to either sleep in this then or naked. Which I do not mind the second option. Harry walks over to his dresser and pulls out a old Nirvana t-shirt and hands it to me. "Here love. Wear this to sleep in." He whispers sending chills down my spine.

*Harry's POV*

I can tell that me whispering sent a shiver down her. She heads towards the bathroom. I can't believe this. She is so gorgeous. I also know she is a fan because I know that my favorite drawing in my room is from her. I remember specifically fighting the boys to keep it. She walks out wearing my clearly oversized on her t-shirt, which on all honesty looks better on her than me, and you can see her black lace bra through it and her butt is slightly hanging out the back. She's wearing matching black lace panties. Damn that's pretty hot... She walks past me and i grab her wrist and gently pull her onto my lap and give her the most passionate kiss. I can feel the fireworks going off in my head and my heart. Our lips moving in sync together. Our lips were meant to touch. You can feel how perfectly they match together. I lift her and bring her to my bed. I reach down to the hem of the shirt and quickly pull that over her head. "Now for these pesky panties and this bra." I growl at her. Oh god her body is so perfect. I can feel myself rising seeing her body. I think she notices me because she looks down and pulls my boxers off of me. She asks me to lay down and I have no problem with that. I lay down as she asks me to do and she starts putting my length in her mouth. Slowly bobbing her head. As she finished up, I reach to my bedside table and pull out a condom which she takes and puts on me. I start getting slightly more rough and bring her up to where out lips touch but there is no kiss. Then I climb on top of her. Putting myself into her. Kissing her neck down to her breast. A moan escapes from her as I start picking up the trusts. These moans are just so hot. And when she starts moaning my name I can tell that she is almost finished. "Hold it baby" I beg to her. "Please Harry let me finish" she starts begging me. "Go ahead" and oddly enough we finish simultaneously. I roll to her side and start kissing her neck. I get up and go to the bathroom giving her a smirk when I reach the door and say "I'm taking a bath. Care to join me princess". She leaps out of bed and we take a bath. I guess you could say we experienced round 2 in the tub. By the time we finish in the bath it's already 12:00. We get out, dry off, and get to bed. Well we put clothes on. I can tell she's already asleep as we cuddle. "Goodnight my princess" I say quietly and kiss the top of her head. I hope she was awake enough to hear me say that. I slowly drift into a deep sleep.

*Shelby's POV*

"Goodnight my princess" he whispers to me. He thinks I'm asleep. I'm in light sleep. So I can hear everything. I smile slightly when I hear him utter those words and kiss my head. This is a dream come true. This boy is perfection


I'm sorry it took SOOO long to update guys! I hope you enjoy this chapter. Thank you all for reading! I love you all so much! I'll keep updating during this week. I promise!

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