True Love ?

This story is about a girl named Jazmine who is a beautiful girl with trust issues, she cant trust anyone because her step dad is abusive and her mom is afraid to do something about it. Jazmine she has to lie about her scars . But when one boy comes across and helps her out will she let him or be afraid ?


1. Life:

''Jazmine'' My mother Calls From down stairs. I hear her coming in from the front door.

I looked at her with teary eyes and brand new scars on my lips and arm. She comes to me and hug me as if she felt bad. Did She Really feel bad ? Pshh no she watches this man that isnt even my father beat me. How could she? I push away with anger filling me and she just stands there worried.

'' How could you try to come to me, hug me as if you care if this man beats me he has done this since i was 5! Im 16 now. your suppose to be my mother what kind of mother watches her child get beat?''

I yelled as loud as i could. she just stand there shocked as if she didnt know what to do. No wonder she sits there and does nothing anyway. Why have kids if you cant even stand up for them? defend them?

'' Jazmine Im sorry i-i-I Didnt know , i knew i just dont know what to do i promise you as soon as i get the money and time im going to buy us a house we can be free. Baby please dont push me away.''

She burst out crying. I know she is trying her best but im the one getting hit everyday i cant even go to school or any place without being asked what happened. I Gave in and hugged my mom and cried with her.

'' Im sorry mom. i just dont understand why we have to go threw this. i will try to get a job and help get the money mom.'' I say through tears. she wipes my tears away and after it got unblurry i actually seen my mom smile she looked so beautiful we have to get out of here and soon or were both going to get hurt.

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