New Kids.

hi my names Bridgit , call me Brig for short . Anyways , I'm attending North East High School in the small city called Bridgewood , North Dakota . Guess who are the new kids . If you guessed Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez or anyone like that , well , you're sadly mistaken . Its the one and only One Direction . Yeh , i know right ? Oh yeah , i should tell you guys that im not anywhere NEAR being one of the populars which they instantly become . I loved them thats right , I said loveD . What happens when they attend North East High ?


5. Zayn , the Normal boy

   When I approached the hall that lead to the art room . I saw the bright & creative door from the end of beginning of the hallway . Ms . Faso's art room was all the way at the end of the hall . The rest of the doors matched with the school's appearance , dull & boring . The rest of the doors either had apples on them or " A B C " & "1 2 3" . The art door was different . It was a plain black base decorated with bright , neon hand prints from different students . My hand print was a badly cut neon pink all the way at the bottom towards the right . 

   When I walked into class , I saw someone was sitting in my everyday seat . His dark & mysterious appearance made him intriguing . His hazel brown eyes fit perfectly on his perfectly shaped face . His jawline was perfect , making his cheeks look kissable . He had a quiffed up hair-do that made him look even more mysterious . His styles matched his looks perfectly . He was wearing a black v-neck that exposed his collarbones . He topped it with a black leather jacket that outlined his biceps . He must have worked out quite a bit ! His pants were just light washed denim jeans with gray high-top Converse with black laces . He was drawing a sunset with a stick figure couple laying down and watching it . I just sat next to him since he didn't know where anyone sat .

"Nice drawing ." I told him . I mean I was being honest .

"Thanks . . ." He said shyly

"I'm Bridgit ."

"I'm Za-"

"I know who you are ." I said with a light laughter

"Oh yeah , sometimes i forget I'm Zayn Malik of One Direction instead of Zayn Malik the normal boy . "


  We just started talking and talking all class and then before you knew it


The bell rang which obviously meant class was over . Wow . Zayn , who had the bad boy image , was actually the sweetest out of One Direction . Well , I shouldn't say that yet since I only met Zayn , Harry , and Liam .


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