Hurt, abandon, lost..

Hi, I'm Brooklyn Heather... I'm 12 I would tell you my last name but I don't know it.. I live in a orphanage with 32 other kids. You might be wondering how I ended up here? Well when I was 4 my parents passed away in a car crash, and I was sent to an orphanage. I have been here for 8 years and I've seen people come and go...but I'm never one if them. Nobody likes me I always sit by myself and hate talking to other people. One day five boys came into the orphanage and changed my life forever......


4. Chapter 3

 Brooklyn's POV: 

El looks at me and gets up to hug me,"I'm so proud of why don't you tell us about yourself sweetie?" The boys just continue to stare at me when Jenny the "popular'' girl at the orphanage walks up to me and pushes me on the floor. I land with a thud and was going to say something , but Jenny was already talking." I have blond hair green eyes, I am 13, I love you guys, and I'm prettier than that slut!" she points at me..tears form in my eyes, El buts in saying " Jenny you better take that ba-.." she was cut off by Jenny saying "SHUT UP YOU WHORE!" Everyone looks at Jenny.." You are a flithy little b***, my girlfriends is not a whore and i would never adpot someone with such a fowl personalitly, you better aploigize to these to ladies right now!" Now everyone is staring at Louis. '' sorry...that im not sorry!'' and then Jenny just gets up and walks away. Zayn comes over to me and helps me up."Is she always like that?'' Harry ask."yeah" i mutter. "The boys would like to adopt you, Brooklyn but first they would like to ask you some questions? We can go into the adoption room okay!" I nod my head rapidly im so excitied  I might be getting adopted!! 











HELLO PEOPLE OF EARTH!!! hahaha so whats shakin guys? I just wanted to let you guys know that I am so sorry I haven't been updating and this might be my last one for a while im going to summer camp from the 4-12 so :( and soory for the spelling errors!!! Anyways plesase show love and check out my other book!! okay love you all

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