Im in love with a vampire

Dylan and her friends Nichol avie faith and lexzi, all live in London. they just graduated from high school and moved in to a house together. they all love one direction, and they get one direction concert tickets they also get front row seats. they have the best night of all time and it gets weirder funnier and scarier........what will happen next.....


7. Shoping (capter 7)

               Lexzi's POV.

After I found out we were going to a one direction concert, all I could think about is harry and what i should wear. we all went up stairs and i went in my room. the walls are dark blue with white zebra print stripes, my desk is black and my make up table is black like my desk. my bed is whight with purple blankets and blue pillows.


I went to my closet and looked thro my clothes. I keeped throwing clothes on the ground then i found a pair of black shortes and a white loose tank top with a tiger on it i liked that shirt. i put it on and crimped my hair, and put on some blush, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, i just put a dark brown to shade but i like it. i grabed my wallet and phone and put them in my back pocket. i put on my black vans and went down stairs to see every one.


             Dalyn's POV.

I went to my room put on som white shorts and a blue baggy tank top. i curled my hair and put on some eyeliner, mascara, blush, and baby lips. I don't like to put on a lot of make up i like a natural look. i put my wallet and phone in my back pocket and put on my white vans. i went down stairs and saw every one ready


Faith was wearing a purple skinny jeans and a white tank top with black flip flops, she curled her hair and had lots of mascara on.  Avie had on a t-shirt that's said BLINK IF YOU WANT ME, and blue shorts with blue high tops. she stated her hair and had on mascara. And Nichol had on a green tank top and blue skinny jeans and blue flip flops. she went with here normal look (mascara, and blush and her natural wavy hair).




we all got to the mall and went to almost all the stores. Lexzi and Faith mostly got dresses, and me Nichol and avie got some shorts tank tops and t-shirts. we all got something one direction themed. faith got a t-shirt that's says i love 1D, Avie got shoes that have 1D all over it, lexzy got shorts that say NIALLER, BOO BEAR, HAZZA, DADDY DIRECTION, and DJ MALIK, all over them, Nichol got bracelets that have there names on them, and me i got a snap back that says 1D.


We all got home and we decided to watch a movie. we all ended up falling asleep.

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