Im in love with a vampire

Dylan and her friends Nichol avie faith and lexzi, all live in London. they just graduated from high school and moved in to a house together. they all love one direction, and they get one direction concert tickets they also get front row seats. they have the best night of all time and it gets weirder funnier and scarier........what will happen next.....


10. OMG (capter 10)

Dalyn's POV

 IT WAS ONE DIRECTION!! we all were really shocked. they were sucking the blood out of someone they all had fangs and blood all over them. we were all so shocked we didn't even say anything. we just turned around quitly and fast walked to the car but on the way there I triped on a rock and fell. my knee was bleeding and we all heard "do you smell that'' ''ya blood'' we all got wide eyed. ''Dylan hurry get up'' lexzi wisper yelled at me I got up and we all booked it to the car.


we got to the car and got in the girls were trying to help stop the blood while avie was driving



Harry's POV

 I smelt blood ''do u smell that'' ''ya'' liam answerd we burned the body and went to see the blood. we hid our fangs and went to see. we found some blood on the floor then we saw a car zoom by.


''should we follow it'' I asked ''sure, we have nothing better to do'' zayn said we hoped into the car and followed them.

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