Im in love with a vampire

Dylan and her friends Nichol avie faith and lexzi, all live in London. they just graduated from high school and moved in to a house together. they all love one direction, and they get one direction concert tickets they also get front row seats. they have the best night of all time and it gets weirder funnier and scarier........what will happen next.....


6. news (capter 6)

                            Dalyn's POV.

I woke up to the sound of screaming. I got out of bed and put my hair in a messy bun and went down stairs. When I got down stairs, Lexzi, Nichol, Avie, and Faith all ran up to me and hugged me, screamed, and we jumped up and down. While we where jumping and screaming i asked ''why are we screaming and jumped up and down?'' ''oh yeah we didn't tell you yet'' Lexzi said as we all stoped jumping.


''NICHOL GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!!!'' Avie, Faith, and Lexzi screamed at me. My mouth droped, I looked at Nichol witch was on the counter bowing and saying ''thank you thank you, i know in awesome'' ''How did you get them?'' I asked. ''My boss got them for me, you can get anything when you kiss your bosses butt'' Nichol said as she jumped of the counter. we all laughed. '' when is it?'' faith asked '' tomorrow night'' ''WHAT WE NEED TO SHOPPING!'' we all yelled at her. ''well hurry and get ready so we can go to the mall'' avie said while scooting us up the stairs.



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