Im in love with a vampire

Dylan and her friends Nichol avie faith and lexzi, all live in London. they just graduated from high school and moved in to a house together. they all love one direction, and they get one direction concert tickets they also get front row seats. they have the best night of all time and it gets weirder funnier and scarier........what will happen next.....


9. concert ( capter 9) part 2

   Dalyn's POV

when we got there, there where so many screaming girls.......we got into the arena and tock are seats and waited for the concert to start.




the lights went down and 5 hot boys come on to the stage "HI WERE ONE DIRECTION!" they all yelled every girl in the whole arena screamed, with me and the girls screaming of course. they started singing up all night! yay


.............END OF CONSERT..........


   Nichols POV

the concert was over :( and me and the girls would not stop talking about the concert. "did you see niall and Louis goof around on stage!'' ''yes and it caused harry to miss his line'' '' hahaha'' lexzy and dalyn started laughing we all ended up laughing. we were trying to find the car, '' there it is'' avie said pointing to the car. we were all walking to the car when we heard a scream we all assumed it was just a fan when right after we heard a crash. we all looked at eachother.


  Faiths POV

''should we see what that was?'' lexzy asked ''sure'' I said '' it sounded like it came over there'' I said pointing to the side of the arena we all slowly looked over the corner and saw the unbelievable




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